The year is coming to a close, and we will still feel most of the pandemic’s effects, like the transition to mostly technological means to satisfy our needs. One of the risks of technology, which should also be your top concern, is ransomware—fraudulent software developed by hackers to restrict you from your device until you pay the ransomed amount.

Unfortunately, you may not know what to do when faced with ransomware threats. That’s because there is often a lack of trustworthy information about them. But don’t worry; we can help you get informed and find access to solutions for your safety and convenience.

This article will discuss two critical facts about ransomware and its would-be prominence in 2021. Take this as an opportunity to safeguard your assets and others’ wellbeing.


1. Ransomware threats will continue to increase next year

 Online activity will continue to be the standard way of meeting daily obligations, even as many countries are easing COVID-19 protocols and allowing businesses to operate at a limited capacity. These conditions mean you can expect more hackers to utilise ransomware for their selfish gains, especially among vulnerable areas with little to no cybersecurity protocols.

Last October 2020, CNN reported that hackers used ransomware as their primary tool to attack several US hospitals in six states since July. These alarming, highly-organised cybercrimes continue to be legitimate causes of concern that you should not dismiss. And you can expect more to come as the economy slowly starts to reopen and recover.

As such, it’s essential to keep your data safe by looking into ransomware prevention services and staying informed by following the news to protect yourself and your immediate community. That way, you can utilise the Internet and your electronic devices to their fullest potential.


2. Companies need to have anti-ransomware protocols to mitigate insider attacks

 You may dismiss ransomware as something that any antivirus program can shut down. However, this is often not the case, especially for companies and their technological infrastructures.

Yes, there are cybersecurity protocols to detect ransomware, but the culprit is often an employee. It is why company-based ransomware attacks can also be called “insider attacks” or an inside job. More techno-savvy employees often enact these fraudulent acts with experience. Some cybercriminals work alone, but they can also attack as a group to sabotage companies and take valuable assets.

One of the most common tactics for insider jobs is the classic “hard drive switcheroo” since employees often have easy access to the company’s electronic devices. No one will suspect them because these criminals can act like they are just doing regular work. In the end, hackers can steal their data and take control of the company’s technological assets—an alarming concern among many top executives.

The Wall Street Journal’s Research Pro Survey indicates that 67 percent of cybersecurity executives are worried and remain vigilant of insider attacks. You can expect more companies to be targeted in 2021 as the global market activity starts to slowly normalise. The general public will still be patronising electronic means to communicate and transact information.

Fortunately, there are cybersecurity companies that are knowledgeable about ransomware and the recent cyber attack trends. They can provide you with state-of-the-art cybersecurity threat intelligence tools, allowing you to contain insider attacks and other related hacking attempts to secure company assets and continue healthy business activities.



Your adherence to cybersecurity should be a priority. Now, you have a better understanding of ransomware to prepare you for 2021. Consider all the previously mentioned facts and protect yourself against cyber threats today!

FraudWatch International can provide you with professional ransomware prevention services through our enterprise brand shield and other cybersecurity tools for your brand’s utmost convenience. We can also help you isolate additional cyber threat issues that may affect your company’s reputation. Partner with us to protect your assets and pursue online opportunities without worry!