In recent years, cyber intelligence firms and cybersecurity companies have spared no time raising awareness over the risks for businesses that actively use the Internet in their operations. In small businesses, the threats that come with being online are far too prominent to ignore by any means. This is mainly seen as hackers today have favored targeting smaller-sised firms because their vulnerability to having their safety compromised are abundant.

Compared to much bigger companies with a full range of available resources and cybersecurity measures, start-ups often lack the fundamentals and tools needed to protect themselves. Imagine a small business losing a significant amount of sensitive information or having all its data wiped on the news. In that case, it’s most likely because of their inadequate measures.

While many small businesses put their cybersecurity at risk because of inadequate measures, there’s one primary catalyst that many need to do a better job of acknowledging: The cybersecurity mistakes made.


Different common mistakes to avoid

As much as any startup can claim that they are at risk of cyber attacks because they lack the means to keep hackers at bay, the truth is that the biggest enemy they face is their propensity for common mistakes.

Given that today’s hackers are so advanced that they’re only a step or half a step behind cybersecurity companies, it’s easy to see why even the smallest fumble can make for the biggest opening. Thankfully, many of these mistakes that exploit gaps for hackers to penetrate are relatively simple to deal with and avoid at all costs.

If you want to ensure that you get to bypass a disaster and keep your business safe from the rise of hackers and threats as it grows, here are two pitfalls you’ll need to avoid:


Mistake #1: Not getting qualified experts to handle cybersecurity

One of the most prominent mistakes that small businesses make with their cybersecurity is getting underqualified professionals to handle everything or not even get anyone.

Compared to other sections of a business where the ins-and-outs of a field or task can be learned along the way, cybersecurity requires having the most qualified people on standby. Instead of cutting corners, investing in a suitable professional solution—such as Fraud Watch International—will help ensure your small business is equipped with:

  • Advanced threat intelligence
  • Cyberattack prevention
  • Anti-piracy services
  • Constant cyber analysis
  • Anti-phishing


Mistake #2: Continually clicking “later” on software update prompts

To the untrained eye, a persistent “update now” from the software or operating system can come off as a nuisance, but the reality is that updates are constant for a reason.

Beyond an impenetrable firewall and top-quality prevention measures, software updates are your small business’s best defense against cybersecurity threats because they prime your firmware to combat hackers. As hackers continue to get their hands on new technology, the developers of your technology ensure that they get to stay a step ahead with fresh updates!


Mistake #3: Failing to back up company data

While most people may argue that today’s data management solutions are far more advanced than in the past (and this is true), they overlook that it also won’t mean much if they aren’t coupled with backups.

Unfortunately, many small businesses put their data and cybersecurity at significant risk because they fail to back up their system and data regularly, which can spell disaster during bleak situations. With the help of a regular reserve, you can keep a clean copy of your data and quickly fix and restore everything to normal if a threat comes up!


As a small business or start-up, the most prominent threats you’ll ever encounter in terms of your cybersecurity are the mistakes you’re prone to making. By keeping this guide in mind and watching out for the three errors mentioned above, you can easily ensure that you have all the means to keep your company safe amid escalating hacker-related threats!

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