Are you trying to break into the cybersecurity world and build a career as a cyber threat intelligence analyst? Or are you perhaps a company looking for expert analysts to secure your company? Whichever shoe you fit, there are certain skills an analyst needs to acquire if one wants to excel in a cybersecurity role.


In this article, we’ll talk about the characteristics that companies hiring for cyber threat intelligence analysts are looking for.


1. The Analyst Can Communicate Well

Communication is a skill that companies value greatly. Security teams frequently communicate, quickly sharing information and data about new threats and challenges. This promotes an environment that facilitates innovation of new solutions to combat digital threats targeted at corporations large and small. An analyst who does not communicate well will only hurt the company’s ability to fight off these threats, putting the business at risk of significant losses.

In other words, only the best analysts promise the use of quick and effective communication tactics to communicate with their teams to stay on top of any ongoing threats. To add to this, a good analyst will also know how to communicate all the technical jargon into something that anyone—especially stakeholders—can understand.

2. The Analyst Is Technically Proficient

Being proficient at being a cyber threat intelligence is a no-brainer characteristic every analyst must have. After all, that’s what being an analyst for such a job means! However, not all are aware of what it takes to be proficient at the job. For instance, some analysts may not be proficient at coding, while other analysts may not be proficient at managing systems. However, these two skills are a must-have, such as understanding attack methodologies, implementing incident response technology, setting up security applications, and more.

In other words, there are many things an analyst must be an expert of, and for companies, hiring a good analyst simply means access to these necessary skills to keep the business safe and secure.


3. The Analyst Can Understand How Cyber Attacks Begin

What separates decent analysts from the truly good ones is the ability to understand the entire scenario from the attacker’s view. Knowing how the attackers will invade a business’ network is key to knowing what kind of security implementations should be set up to stop said attacks from ever occurring.

Identifying attacks can be everything from looking at trends, identifying patterns, and learning new, emerging threats. A cyber threat intelligence analyst will also have knowledge of the tools, technology, and methods that attackers will use to invade a company. As such, companies are always on the lookout for analysts who can see from the attacker’s eyes to ensure the business is as safe as it can be.

All in all, whether you’re an IT specialist looking to become a cyber threat intelligence analyst or a company looking to hire expert analysts for the job, the above are all signs of a great professional. Ensuring that such skills are acquired is a must to be successful at combating the various threats the digital world has. It will also go a long way in securing one’s position as an analyst and securing the company’s security and success for the long term.

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