Nothing is more damaging than having to deal with internal threats to your business’ secrets. It’s hard to trust anyone nowadays, and online brand protection is a service that is in demand for various reasons. Any leaks of your company secrets and other important client information can be the end of the whole enterprise, as securing all kinds of data is essential in the online world.

Knowing that billions of dollars in damage is done annually because of cyber threats, investing in cybersecurity threat intelligence is a must for any company that wishes to operate safely. The human race is practically entirely dependent on technology nowadays, making finding loopholes in online operations one significant cybersecurity intelligence goal. Sometimes, the “mole” in the system might even be one of your own employees. Here are some tips that are great for preventing data theft by inside entities:


1. Know What Data Must Be Secured, and Prioritise These

Your company might deal with tons of data and information, and realistically, this cannot all have backups and security measures applied to them. One way to look at how to secure data is to see things based on what kind of classifications of data your company deals with, as these can often have more importance over others.

Public data is likely the least important to secure, as these are accessible to anyone. Items you put on your website and disclose openly online are forms of public information that won’t likely damage your brand management. Internal data is more critical to secure, as these can be sensitive, such as policies, handbooks for employees, and other memos. Confidential and restricted data are at the top of the list, as these include financial information, clients’ personal data, and other trade secrets that your company keeps from the open air. These can be damaging, so ensure to safeguard these at all times.


2. Limit Data Collection, Retention, and Access to Sensitive Pieces

A way to safeguard information and data is to limit these pieces’ collection and retention by either encrypting the files or scrapping them safely. Cybersecurity intelligence means finding all potential weaknesses in a system and adjusting them to meet safety requirements. Additionally, limiting access to sensitive data will help you ensure that the workplace stays safe and free from moles. The best way to do this is to restrict data portability by removing access via thumb drives, mobile devices, and laptops to ensure that all of these files remain secure from cyber threats.

Cybersecurity agencies recommend a privileged access management system, wherein administrators are placed with their respective passwords to prevent breaches. With some software equipped with ways to track access, any internal movements and file access can be visible to the program. It is also possible to add access permissions to various user accounts, which means that specific information levels can be viewed and seen by the right people despite being under one system.


3.Encrypt Storage Drives and Files

Encrypting data is like placing a padlock on a file cabinet, so having each critical data level with a key will help deter unauthorised access. Only those with the right permissions and knowledge can view and open these documents and files. If your company stores secrets in a hard drive, adding a lock on this and only placing access to a select few will help deter damaging leaks. Cybersecurity threat intelligence recommends doing this because limited access will always make data breaches easier to trace. This tracing makes it easier to put those responsible for cyber threats in the spotlight instead of going on a wild goose chase.



Cybersecurity intelligence is a field that is continuously evolving, yet the foundational methods stay the same. Limiting access, changing up passwords and encryption keys, and investing in agencies that work to help businesses safeguard their secrets are always going to be essential. As the online world grows and becomes vaster, online brand protection is a must for modern companies.

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