Have you ever heard of Maze ransomware? It is a sophisticated type of Windows ransomware that has affected many organisations. Just like any other ransomware out there, Maze encrypts various data on a computer and demands payment in the forms of cryptocurrency in return for the safe decryption of data, or so the attacker promises. More often than not, they keep demanding more money without any end to it, leaving you with less money and no gains.


Whether it is Maze or any other type of ransomware, you would never want to find yourself dealing with this kind of attack. As such, you would want to protect your business as much as possible from Maze and other ransomware, and in this article, we’ll tell you precisely what you can do to secure your business:


1. Update Your Software


Outdated software does nothing more than invite attackers from hacking your computers and network. This is because outdated software is filled with loopholes or security risks that the attackers have already identified and can take advantage of.


To fight this issue, the simple task of updating your software is a must. Updates don’t only provide you with performance improvements and new features, but they can also patch these security issues. This keeps you ahead of attackers, ensuring that by the time they know how to exploit software, you’ve already updated it with new security patches.

2. Keep Your Data Backed Up


One way attackers can essentially hold companies at their mercy is to encrypt data that isn’t backed up. This forces organisations to comply with the attackers if they ever wish to recover their data, leading to possibly millions of dollars lost in finances.


To ensure you are not at a disadvantage when attacked by ransomware, it is always a good idea to back all your data. This way should all your data be encrypted, you can restore your operations as if nothing happened, albeit the data you have backed up might be a little older than what was encrypted. Regardless, it is better to have old data than to have none to work with.


3. Implement Security Software


With so many online threats, the need for security solutions has increased tenfold over the past few years. This has resulted in plenty of security software and solutions available that companies can implement to protect themselves from such attacks.


If you have yet to implement any security software, you must do so. Anything from as simple as a VPN to even antivirus software can protect your digital activities. Many of these solutions are also constantly updated to catch any new threats to keep you safe should an attacker attempt to access your computer.


Ransomware is no joke, and ransomware like Maze has made many companies realise the importance of cybersecurity. If you find yourself lacking in the cybersecurity department, then we implore you to follow the tips above. Not only that, but we also recommend that you reach out to professional digital protection companies for assistance. They can give you the expert help needed to fortify your digital walls, keeping you safe while carrying out business. While many of these security solutions will require some investment from your end, they’ll ensure that your company can remain out of danger, protecting you from not only losing money due to cyberattacks but even your reputation.


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