Running your business involves protecting your valuable assets, and this goes further than putting a lock on your property, office furniture, and cars. You must also keep your customer and employee data safe. Unfortunately, many cybercriminals make a living by stealing data for malicious purposes or installing malware on your computer. Spear phishing, for instance, is an email scam that aims to trick you into clicking a link through fake emails or websites.


If you have been a target of these kinds of attacks, you may have received a form of customer support emails requesting you to change your credentials or messages sent via fake email addresses asking for highly personal data. What makes these messages dangerous and disturbing is that these messages can appear genuine, and cybercriminals truly make an effort to research before making an attack. To protect your business from their ill intentions, follow the tips below:


1. Use an anti-phishing software

A study conducted by email security company IRONSCALES showed that traditional spam filters and endpoint protection tools may fail to protect you from spear-phishing because they are not catching the attacks. Meanwhile, twenty attacks made it to a user’s inbox for every five attacks identified by spam filters.

Investing in anti-spam and anti-malware tools can help protect your business data, but if you want to take a step further and combat spear-phishing by adding another security layer, consider using anti-phishing software. It detects incoming attacks and proactively scans for and flags sketchy phishing emails. Best of all, it learns and remembers scam data, so its security performance improves with your every scan.


2. Seek anti-phishing protection services

Aside from the software, seeking the expertise of cyber intelligence analysts like us and asking for anti-phishing protection services and solutions can help you monitor and take down phishing content and malicious sites.

We specialise in anti-phishing, and we take pride in being the best in the industry and at what we do. By working with us, you can expect to get less exposure to criminal impersonations and provide improved protection for your business. You can also count on our specialised anti-phishing security analysts to provide you with end-to-end, fully-managed solutions, fast site takedowns, proprietary scanning tools, forensic analysis, and more.


3. Take extra precautions and educate your employees on spear-phishing

While technology is effective in combating and safeguarding your business against spear-phishing, the most important defense is taking extra precautions and educating yourself and your employees on these attacks. Remember, these advanced attacks target humans, so relying solely on technology alone will always fail.

To effectively reduce the risk of attacks, invest in employee awareness, and training. Some ways to avoid getting scammed are avoiding clicking on links in emails that don’t have any other text or information, labeling company labels in the subject line, and never sending anyone your password and other personal information.


Personal and sensitive business information should be protected at all times, so make sure to follow the tips mentioned above to avoid falling victim to cybercriminals and spear-phishing attacks. On the other hand, these attacks will become more intelligent over time no matter how careful you may be, so invest in building an anti-phishing defense backed by the latest technologies.

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