In the world of cybersecurity, assumptions befall even the most expert of IT technicians. Many of these assumptions are conjured mostly from a lack of knowledge or mere underestimation, whether due to overconfidence in one’s personal security or the belief that the company’s small size makes them immune.


Regardless, sticking to such beliefs can leave any business in a precarious position—in which they leave their digital doors open to attacks from malignant forces. As such, to ensure that your business does not end up facing unnecessary risks, you must make yourself more knowledgeable about the real threat of cyber attacks.


In this article, we will tackle some of the various cybersecurity assumptions to help you understand the truth behind them.


1.“They will never target me”

For those that are running a small business, many may automatically believe that cybercriminals will not attack them. After all, such criminals will want to target bigger corporations to make money, right?

Unfortunately, this is not true. In fact, many cybercriminals would instead target small businesses, mostly because these businesses are much easier to attack due to the lack of security implementations. In other words, do not let your size fool you into believing that you will not be targeted. You will most assuredly be!


2. “I am ready to take the risk”

You may assume that you are ready to face the risk for convenience’s sake. For example, you may take the risk of creating simple passwords for the purpose of remembering them much easier.

Unfortunately, the consequences are way higher than the benefits of using simple passwords—and this applies to essentially everything about cybersecurity. What we are trying to say is that you should not compromise security for convenience. Otherwise, you are going to end up with much more headache than you may like. For that reason, we highly recommend investing in things such as password managers to ensure you can use complicated passwords without sacrificing convenience.


3. “I don’t have anything worth stealing”

Do not ever believe you have nothing worth taking. You always have something worth stealing, whether that be your customer data or even your finances. All of these have value in the eyes of a cybercriminal—and the more they get from you, the bigger their prize.

One of the worst things that can happen for you would be them getting access to your network. This essentially gives them access to everything about your company. For that reason, you must never compromise on security and never assume something is not worth stealing. More often than not, someone out there wants their hands on it.


4.“I don’t need such strict and costly security implementations”

After implementing a few security layers, you may assume you may not need other solutions. For example, you may assume you do not need antivirus software because you already set up a firewall. This type of assumption only puts your business at risk of attacks!

Remember, no security solution out there is completely impervious to attacks. There will always be a way for someone to go around it. Because of this, you must implement as many security layers as possible, making it harder and harder for anyone to crack your network.


Security has always been a necessity—and the same goes for that of the digital world. When it comes to your business’ safety, it’s always worth the cost to protect yourself from risk! For the most affordable and efficient way to protect yourself from digital attacks, it’s best to partner with a cybersecurity agency near you.

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