Are you looking to enter the world of cybersecurity and land a job? If so, you’re in luck. There are plenty of job opportunities for those looking to get into cybersecurity, and the fact of the matter is that the demand is growing fast, but there aren’t enough talents to fill vital roles. That said, as the world relies more and more on digital solutions, such demands will only increase, and individuals such as you won’t have a hard time finding roles to fill to protect companies from outside attacks.


Now, if you’re specifically looking for a threat intelligence analyst job or looking to hire a talent to work for your company, it pays to know the various skills that make a great analyst secure high-paying positions. We’re going to share with you those skills that make a threat intelligence analyst truly great:


1. Technical Ability


It is given that you must be knowledgeable in things like coding, applications, prevention systems, intrusion detection, system administrations, and the like. These are examples of the must-haves that you need to become a threat intelligence analyst. If you find yourself lacking in any of your technical abilities, you will need to educate yourself on the appropriate topic to become proficient. Keep in mind that your assignments will commonly revolve around monitoring the network and the like, so be sure you have the necessary skills to do so.


2. Solid Communication


No matter the line of work you find yourself in, communication is a vital skill to have. This is because the ability to communicate is a must, especially in an environment where communication can be the difference between tackling a threat successfully and failing to stop one entirely. Your job as an analyst is to detail your findings and assessments clearly and understandably to help other people understand the threat being faced.


3. Creative Problem Solving


Not all problems can be solved by the same solution over and over again. Attackers are always getting creative with how to attack a company, and a threat analyst needs to outsmart such attackers with creative problem-solving. Creativity means that you can understand complex challenges and come up with out-of-the-box solutions to solve them. This means that even if an attack evolves, you are always ready to develop innovative solutions to solve them.


4. Understanding of the Enemy


This might sound oddly specific, but the reality is that the more knowledgeable you are of how the enemy operates, the better you’ll be at stopping attackers dead in their tracks. Such knowledge can be categorised into three different things: tactical, operational, and strategic.

Tactical intelligence is all about implementing various indicators to help alert a threat. Operational intelligence is all about addressing the specifics needed to respond to such attacks. Finally, strategic intelligence is all about knowing the threat’s purpose and capabilities to be ready for such attacks. Having a good understanding of all these three things will allow you to know where the attacks are coming from, how they begin, how they operate, and more to address threats effectively.




With a big boom to the cybersecurity industry, it is never too late for you to get started gathering the skills and knowledge needed to secure a job here. That being said, be ready for challenges that no other security specialists will have ever faced before. Attackers are always on the rise, and their attacks are increasingly more complex and the months go by. You will need to be ready to think outside the box, putting to the test all your security knowledge and skills to ensure you have the right innovative solutions in place to catch attacks and prevent them from causing damage. On the other hand, if you are looking for cybersecurity specialists to work for you, be sure that they possess all of the above skills. This ensures that you have talents ready to fight attacks to keep your company safe and secure well into the future.


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