Cloud computing has steadily been transforming businesses in the modern world, with more and more companies relying on this technology. It provides them with convenient and cost-effective solutions for storage and other computing needs. Although its benefits are undeniable, it also faces a unique set of threats such as cloud jacking.


What Is Cloud Jacking?

Cloud jacking happens when an unauthorised party steals or takes over your organisation’s cloud account. It’s a growing threat to your organisation, especially if you store sensitive data on internet-based platforms. Hackers can gain access to critical items such as usernames and passwords, credit card numbers, financial details, and other valuable information. They can cause irreparable damage that can be financially devastating to your business.


Cloud jacking can be done in a variety of ways. This includes hacking, stealing passwords, and social engineering attacks. It’s also worth noting that malicious users are steadily evolving and using many other ways to steal information. With this growing threat in cybersecurity, it’s necessary for companies to protect their data from people who may want to hijack company cloud accounts. If you want to protect your business against cloud jacking, here are some tips to keep in mind:


1 – Limit Access to Sensitive Information

 If you want to enhance your protection against cyber attacks, it’s best to limit access to sensitive information to only a handful of people. By restricting other users from accessing critical data, you’re effectively reducing the number of high-value targets and providing more security to your storage platform. This way, if hackers get ahold of non-admin cloud accounts, you’ll prevent them from stealing critical data.


2 – Encourage the Use of VPNs

Some of your employees likely work on the go, connecting to unsecured networks such as public Wi-Fi. This opens them to cyberattacks from malicious users who use the same connection. Hackers may pose as legitimate websites to inject malware to your employee’s device or obtain critical data such as passwords and credit card information.

To increase your data security, you must encourage your workers to use a business virtual private network (VPN). This encrypts their connection, allowing them to hide their information from hackers.

3 – Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

One of the most essential ways to enhance your security is to create strong passwords. However, this does not grant you complete immunity to cloud jackers. It’s advisable to enable multi-factor authentication across your business’s cloud accounts. This is helpful in preventing hackers from accessing your information even if they get ahold of your passwords.


4 – Contact Cybersecurity Services

Employing the help of cybersecurity services is one of the best ways to enhance your protection against cloud jackers. They will reconfigure your settings and install other protective software to maximise your security. These professionals will also help review any possible vulnerabilities and threats, fixing them right away.


Maximise Your Cybersecurity

As businesses are steadily moving to the cloud, they face new risks to their data security. Cloud jacking is one of the most devastating threats that’s quickly growing and evolving. For this reason, cybersecurity is an increasingly important concern that businesses should focus on. By keeping the above tips in mind, you can better protect your cloud accounts from malicious entities.


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