The holidays are just around the corner and while it’s a merry time for everyone, businesses will need to take extra precautions as it’s also a season of fraud. With all the festivities from online shopping, packages deliveries, and a significant spike in web traffic, leaving plenty of opportunities for cyber thieves to attack amidst the holiday rush.

Cybercriminals typically target online products with a high resale value, so it helps to set up preventive measures that can reduce the risk of running into fraudsters during the busiest time of the year. With that in mind, the list below should give a basic rundown on cybersecurity tips to help you through this season:


Tip #1: Implement a 3D Secure Authentication Process to Secure your Checkouts

For e-commerce businesses, integrating a multi-layered authentication process during the checkout is a crucial step in your cybersecurity. It’s a payer authentication protocol that mitigates fraud in online credit and debit card transactions, making it a highly beneficial addition to your security system.

Other types of authentication systems can turn off consumers since it requires them to take extra steps before finalising their purchase, but so it helps to implement a non-invasive 3D secure system to minimise the risk of driving up your bounce rate.


Tip #2: Adopt a Reliable Cyber Security Policy

While using a secure WiFi network and updated antivirus software can do wonders in increasing your level of security, it helps to establish an overarching cybersecurity policy to ensure the company has the right protocols to defend their sensitive data from cybercriminals.

One way to create a comprehensive cybersecurity plan is to leverage a managed service provider or a security system provider, both of which can bolster your IT infrastructure and end-user systems.


Tip #3: Determine your Level of Vulnerability According to your Industry

A company’s susceptibility to cyberattacks largely depends on its industry, wherein retail, manufacturing, automotive, and financial services are the most at risk compared to other niches. Any business that heavily relies on interconnected devices are vulnerable to cyber breaches, so understanding your risk level can help determine the appropriate cybersecurity measures you can implement to protect your company.


Tip #4: Educate Employees on Cyber Risks

Your employees will be the ones who are likely exposed to cyber threats, so it makes sense to prioritise their education on cyber risks to instill awareness as they work. A team that can easily spot suspicious activity can go a long way in minimising your vulnerability against cyber attacks, especially during a time when fraudsters are rampant.


The Bottom Line: Protecting Your Business During the Chaotic Festivities this Season

As online sales start to skyrocket this holiday season, it’s important to deck your business with boughs of cybersecurity measures to ensure you can avoid scams that can get in the way of a jolly season.


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