Running a business is no easy feat. There are just many considerations to make, from maintaining your business’ financial health and implementing marketing campaigns down to seeing its daily operations. However, one vital facet is to address online security issues and mitigate the risks of cyberattacks that may be affecting your growth and success.

One issue commonly encountered is pharming, which is an online practice where a URL or website directs users to a fraud or undesirable site. This is a form of a phishing scam that can lead to a dangerous website, hijacking of your URL, and having customers distrust your business.

In this article, we’ll share with you five effective ways to protect your business from pharming attacks:


1. Update your servers regularly

Keeping your DNS servers updated is imperative. If they’re old and outdated, it’s easy for them to fall prey to pharming attacks. The chances are that they lack the necessary features and capabilities to ward off potential online threats and attacks, and criminals can easily pretend to be you and gain customer trust. For this reason, updating your servers will make a difference in protecting your business website in the long run.


2. Be wary of software linked to your systems

It’s common among many businesses to utilise systems and applications for various processes. When it comes to system utilisation, two key steps are essential. First, you must ensure that you’re using legitimate software and apps for your business. Second, you have to be careful when linking software and apps to your systems. Keep in mind that most pharming attacks are orchestrated through the interception of connecting routes, so you must ensure that these connections are secured and protected.


3. Take advantage of an antivirus system

It’s common knowledge that installing an antivirus on your computer is a must. While it is vital, it will also make a huge difference if you install a reputable and secure antivirus system to protect your servers from being accessed by online hackers. Ultimately, a robust system will block any pharming attacks on your site and retain your customers’ trust.


4. Orient and train your employees

Information Technology (IT) education is vital in any given business, as not all people are well-acquainted with online security risks and measures to combat cyberattacks. It’s not only your IT team that needs to be oriented and trained; all your employees working and having access to your networks and systems ought to be educated as well. That way, they will know how to protect your business site and what to do in case of potential pharming attacks.


5. Set robust guidelines in place

When setting your online security measures, it’s important to sit down with the IT experts and carve concrete guidelines on how to protect your business from cyberattacks. Along with this is to incorporate measures against pharming specifically. At the same time, you must orient and train your employees and make everyone follow these guidelines so that everyone is held accountable for their actions.


At this point, you’ve learned five effective ways to reduce the risk of pharming attacks. As outlined above, all it takes is to update your servers regularly, be wary of software linked to your systems, take advantage of an antivirus system, orient and train your employees, and set robust guidelines in place. With all these key steps, you can protect your business at all costs!

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