The recent COVID-19 outbreak has put businesses across the globe temporarily out of order, forcing companies to adjust to the strict national quarantine by embracing a remote landscape. Encouraging people to continue the hustle while practicing social distancing, 90 percent of the workforce currently have a work-from-home set-up.

While different organisations prove to be quick to adapt, the sudden demand for cloud-based solutions in this internet-driven landscape comes with risks of another virus on the horison: the boom of piracy in software companies. According to the Business Software Alliance (BSA), companies worldwide lose a whopping $359 billion a year, making malware from pirated software downloads a virtual pandemic in itself.

Exploring Different Ways To Protect Your Company’s Software From Piracy

1. Improve Your Software License Agreements

License agreements that are easy to swipe through and agree to the terms leave more room for hackers to steal, so it’s best to beef it up by setting safeguards against piracy. One of the ways to improve the agreement is to have the user agree to the terms and conditions by submitting an ink-signed signature, along with a copy of your valid license before allowing the software to run.

Don’t forget to add the software is protected by copyright laws in the U.S. to increase your chances of the agreement being enforceable by the court outside of the U.S. market. This ensures you can get the proper compensation you deserve if there is a breach of contract.

2. Implement Anti-Piracy Technologies

Anti-piracy companies have become more sophisticated through the years, primarily since it uses tamper-detection technology and an innovative license management system to monitor web activity involving your software.

The analytics gathers information from every website registration using your software, along with account logins, trial version requests, support requests, downloaded records, and more. While it cannot act as a substantial barrier against hackers, it can mitigate the crime by up to a significant margin since the anti-piracy technology allows you to obtain the details of who, where, and how your software was illegally used.

3. The Bottom Line: Protecting Your Cybersecurity Amidst The Work-From-Home Boom During The Pandemic

As more workers shift to a digital platform and cloud-based solutions, the rise of piracy and downloads of unlicensed software continues to plague start-ups and leading corporations alike. This gives hackers the golden opportunity to breach highly sensitive and privileged data, putting billions of dollars in different industries at risk.

For U.S. vendors who want to mitigate this growing epidemic amid a quarantined, post-coronavirus world, hiring the right anti-piracy management company can do wonders in boosting your cybersecurity.

How Can We Help?

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