As your business grows, its risk of being affected by cybercrime also increases. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for their next victims, and without proper precautions, you will find out it’s all too late. It is important to learn how to prevent cybercriminals from stealing crucial data from your business.


It is every business owner’s responsibility to protect their business data from possible cybersecurity risks. In fact, 90% of today’s companies have experienced cybersecurity issues, like a data breach, due to weak preventive solutions against cybercriminals.


A Quick Look on the Impact of Cybercrimes


You might be too busy and overwhelmed running your business that these online threats can be easily forgotten or overlooked. However, you should still establish a strong business cybersecurity program or plan to serve as a valuable shield in protecting business data. As technology innovates, it also becomes more challenging to mitigate the risks of cybercrimes.


We need to have more sophisticated and effective solutions to take action against these threats. Do not overlook a business cybersecurity plan so your business won’t be adversely affected by a data breach.

Cybercriminals Can Easily Damage Your Data


Do you know how easily you can be a victim of cybersecurity? You may already hear cases when vendors and service providers are being affected by a data breach. Sadly, it’s very easy to get affected by such cybersecurity issues. Here are some significant statistics that you should be aware of:


  • Only 5% of companies’ folders are seen to be protected properly.
  • It is estimated that 41% of US companies allow their employees to have unrestricted access to the company’s sensitive data.
  • About 60% of firms have more than 500 accounts with weak and non-expiring passwords.
  • Data breaches are discovered to have the capacity of exposing 36 billion records in the early months of 2020.
  • In every 39 seconds, a new cyberattack is launched and pose threats to companies


If you haven’t yet taken the matters about a data breach and other cybercrime issues seriously, then it’s time to know that the danger is real, and cybercriminals are also improving each day. The cases of cyberattacks are growing, and if you do not do anything to stop or prevent them, you might see devastating results.


Now, you might be wondering how cybercriminals acquire the company’s data.


The most common way is through ransomware attacks. It is their most preferred method because getting hold of data is easier and faster through this. They make a profit from getting the company’s data or penetrating the system and asking the business owner to pay a ransom. In some cases, the bad guys steal the data and sell those to whoever can pay the highest amount. In March 2020, these cases increased by 148%.



Whether your business deals with sales, manufacturing, services, it is imperative to ensure your protection against cybercrimes. Mitigating these threats is a must, but it doesn’t have to overly hurt your budget. Seek the assistance of a reliable cybersecurity company to help you.