Businesses from different industries need to keep up with today’s digitally-oriented landscape. Internet-driven marketing is taking the workforce by storm, putting small local shops and national organisations alike at a fierce competition.

Social media opens up a golden opportunity for businesses to connect with their target market, making it easier to boost brand awareness, leads, and sales in just a few clicks. Social media has become a fundamental part of every company’s marketing funnel, but it also poses a great risk to businesses.

For one, more social media security breaches are shaking the very foundations of brands across the globe – be it from stealing valuable information, user credentials, passwords, and more. Seeing the importance of social media in the growth of your business, implementing strong security measures cannot be understated.

What Are Some Simple Preventive Measures You Can Do?

Tip #1: Always Use A Two-Factor Authentication

Setting unique passwords for every social media account is crucial if you want to minimise the chances of hackers breaching your profile, but businesses need to take your safety to the next level since there’s plenty of sensitive information at stake.

With that in mind, you can increase your password’s security by using two-factor authentication when accessing your accounts. In addition to your password, the process involves sending a verification code to your phone every time you need to log in.

The best feature of this authentication app is that it notifies you when someone is attempting to log into your account, giving you the option to verify the request and block the virtual trespasser.

Tip #2: Use A VPN When Using Your Social Media In Public Networks

Most internet providers for businesses offer secure hosting services, but in instances where you have to use public wi-fi to update your social media, it’s best to use a virtual private network (VPN).

This reroutes your connection to a secure, offsite server and encrypts your data, shielding you from prying eyes and potential hackers waiting to jump on your profile.

Tip #3: Utilise A Reliable And Strong Antivirus Software

Even if you are careful with your actions online, one click of a link is all it takes for a hacker to take over your accounts. In case you accidentally open spyware, you can quickly keep the damages from spiraling out of control by investing in antivirus software that can cover multiple aspects – from providing a robust firewall, strong web defenses, and up-to-date security patches.

The Bottom Line: Protecting Your Brand From Online Attacks

The online marketplace for businesses is evolving at an impressive pace, and while technological advances create newer and better opportunities for brands, it also comes with an increase in cybersecurity threats.

Why Choose FraudWatch International To Secure Your Business Online?

Mitigating cyber-scammers, malware, social media impersonation, identity thieves, phishing attacks, and more can be tricky for start-ups and established companies alike. Our anti-piracy management company in the USA can take away the drudgery of protecting your business with our multi-faceted services.

We offer advanced threat intelligence that can simplify your cyber analysis in more ways than one – from cyberattack prevention, anti-piracy solutions, and more. Get in touch with us today and see how we can guarantee your virtual safety.