Brand integrity is one of a business’ most crucial assets. It has the power to make or break an organisation, and, when maintained, can be a powerful tool to drive organic growth, connect with customers and create a sustainable market presence. So, what exactly is brand integrity, and what strategy can companies employ to preserve it? We take a deep dive into some brand integrity examples below.

What is brand integrity?

How people perceive your brand can play a key role in their interactions and purchasing habits. Brands with integrity are often viewed as reputable, trustworthy and of a higher standard. Brand integrity reflects the mission, values and purpose of a brand, and how consistent this message is. Businesses that fail to uphold their stated principles stand to damage their reputation and lose their brand integrity.




Why is brand integrity important?

A strong reputation can bring value to your business and minimise the risk of brand abuse, prompting the growth and longevity of your brand. Here are a few key reasons why brand integrity is essential:


Build trust

There are several different touchpoints for consumers to connect with your brand: everything from an in-store experience to an online chat. When they receive a consistent response and experience from each interaction, they’ll see your brand as reliable and trustworthy.


Brand advocacy

Advocacy is a strong tool. When consumers feel drawn to your brand’s message, they’ll be more inclined to recommend your brand to others, helping you build brand integrity beyond your current audience.


Connect with your target audience

When you’re transparent about your message and purpose, consumers who resonate with this will easily be able to form a connection with your brand. Putting the focus on the customer experience, and ensuring a cohesive message across the board can connect you to the right audience for your brand.


Set yourself apart from the competition

Regardless of the industry, consumers are spoilt for choice. If they feel dissatisfied with a brand’s message, values or quality, there are plenty of alternatives on the market. Brands with integrity offer a unique experience for their customers and can leverage this to build a base of fierce advocates, which can often be enough to stand out from the crowd.



How to maintain brand integrity


Be consistent

Ensure that the message conveyed across your channels is cohesive. Consumers don’t want to have one experience when visiting your website, and an entirely different experience when interacting with your brand on social media. Consistency demonstrates strength in your brand’s values, cementing your brand as trustworthy in the eyes of the consumer.


Be authentic

In a society that’s saturated with filters and polished content, being authentic can be the differentiating factor between you and your competitors. Consumers are looking for raw, genuine interactions: the more your brand can speak to its audience person-to-person, rather than with corporate jargon, the more likely they are to respect your ethos.


State your purpose

You might know the reason behind your brand, but do your consumers possess the same knowledge? More consumers are choosing brands that align with their personal values and are willing to spend big to show their support. Let consumers know what you stand for, and you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to build loyalty and maintain brand integrity.


Speak to FraudWatch about maintaining your brand integrity

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