Branding is everything in a business since it represents value, both in the way the market perceives you and what the nature of your company really stands for. No successful business has ever gone with a brand identity to distinguish them; that’s why intellectual property (IP) infringements always hurt once it happens.


We talked about the different forms of brand abuse that can plague your business and how brand protection can catch your fall, but what happens if you don’t address the risks infringement brings? Our focus today zooms in on the costly consequences of brand abuse and why it’s worth having a professional cybersecurity company help prevent these silent killers:


How Brand Abuse Can Be the Death of a Business


1. Plummet Your Sales

If a cybercriminal like a counterfeiter manages to imitate your IP-protected products, then they can use it to generate a profit by slashing your price. People who recognise your brand will flock to the lower-priced copycat, which means your sales will be suffering.


2. Stain Your Reputation

It’s true you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when a counterfeiter creates a rogue website or fake social media account, then your reputation is at risk. No business would want to break the loyalty of their customers. So when a cyber hacker slanders your name online, the time and resources spent on building a reliable, high-quality, and trustworthy image can all shatter.


3. Deal with Angry Customers Duped by Counterfeit Products

Not only will you be losing potential profit, but you may also need to shell out to manage the high likelihood of managing angry customers. Imitation products are often lower-quality goods than authentic brands, but your unsuspecting customers will run to your business for any repairs and replacements.


When you cannot cater to their needs, you risk losing your customer’s trust.


4. Risk Your Business Partners’ Relationship

Investors put a high amount of faith in your business, so when something threatens your brand, and you lose money in the process, then you’ll be putting your professional relationships on the line too.


The Bottom Line: The Importance of Protecting Your Business from Cyberattacks and Brand Abuse

The thought of a cybercriminal impersonating your brand on social media may seem like an inconvenience more than anything, but aside from hurting your reputation, their infringement can deal serious repercussions to your business as a whole.


While the gravity of cyberattacks isn’t common at first glance, the article above explores how even the smallest counterfeiting troubles can deal a massive blow to organisations today. In that regard, it’s worth hiring a cybersecurity agency that can keep your brand secure.


We offer advanced threat intelligence that can simplify your cyber analysis in more ways than one – from cyberattack prevention, anti-piracy solutions, and more. Get in touch with us today and see how we can guarantee your virtual safety.