Businesses handle a great amount of sensitive information, whether it is about themselves, stakeholders, clients, customers, or all the above. So when that personally identifiable information is leaked on the dark web, it can have disastrous consequences for the business and all the individuals or entities involved. As small and medium businesses don’t usually have the strongest security defences against cyber threats, they can be a likely target for attacks. In this article, we’ll take a look at the importance of dark web monitoring in keeping businesses safe from digital threats.


Defining dark web monitoring

The dark web, a part of the deep web, is a collection of websites that aren’t indexed by search engines, and therefore can’t be accessed from a normal search engine. The dark web can be used for good things like whistleblowing and acquiring cyber threat intelligence, but it can also be used for criminal underground activities such as dealing drugs, firearms, human trafficking, and trading breached data.



How dark web monitoring tools work

Dark web monitoring tools help all kinds of people, but especially companies to detect, analyse and monitor the dark web to protect their data and avoid exploitation. These tools work by searching for a range of things through the dark web, for example, specific keywords and phrases, usernames, passwords, and financial details that companies provide them with as part of the monitoring process. Once a piece of information has been detected, it can be flagged and reported back to the company so they can take appropriate action to prevent or mitigate an attack.


The importance of dark web monitoring

Monitoring the dark web is part of a strong proactive approach to preventing and mitigating cyber threats to your organisation. Cyber attacks could include a range of things, from the threat of data loss, data breaches, and network attacks, to account takeovers. Whether there’s already been a breach or you’re trying to avoid one, the dark web can provide intelligence on what sensitive information has been compromised. Dark web monitoring scans all kinds of channels such as forums, blogs, messaging apps, chats, IRC, paste sites, news, marketplaces, or secret websites, anywhere in which people share information. You can get real-time updates on planned attacks or fraud activity that could help you act and prevent it from becoming real or getting worse.

For most IT and security professionals, having the tools and knowledge to monitor the dark web isn’t common. However, you can hire experts like FraudWatch for dark web monitoring services to ensure that you have the best chances of fighting cyber attacks. When you weigh up the potential risk of a cyber breach versus paying for dark web monitoring services, investing in hunting these threats is well worth it for your organisation.


The effect of cyber attacks on businesses

Cyber attacks on businesses can have catastrophic consequences for not only the organisation itself but also stakeholders, clients or customers. Depending on the type of cyber attack and what has been exposed, businesses can experience harm to their reputation, brand trust, financial loss, and more. Once there has been a breach, there’s only so much you can do to mitigate the consequences, and it’s impossible to reverse the effects. This is why it’s so important to prevent and plan for cyber attacks. Small and medium-sized businesses can be particularly vulnerable as they tend to have less robust security measures than larger companies do. As for corporations and enterprises, they’re also highly targeted because of how much data they collect so no one is really safe in the cyber world.


Why businesses need cybersecurity

The best way for businesses to protect themselves against cyber attacks is to prevent them from happening in the first place. This can include investing in software, tools, and/oro hiring a team of specialised analysts to acquire intelligence, detect, and takedown any threats. As cyber criminals’ tactics get more advanced, you need all the help you can get to safeguard your business data so we do recommend consulting professionals on how to approach your cyber security strategy.


Partner with FraudWatch for business dark web monitoring services

FraudWatch is the leading global digital protection expert in the world. Our dark web monitoring services utilise advanced proprietary tools to acquire the intelligence to prevent cyber attacks for organisations of any size. We specialise in helping businesses fight against phishing attacks, social media and mobile app impersonation, and brand abuse, as well as improving email security, and acquiring threat intelligence. To learn more about our services and how we can strengthen your cyber security, reach out to our team.