Not all hackers are after big brands. Unfortunately, no matter how small or big your business is, you can be a potential target. This is especially true if you handle lots of sensitive information about your customers, including their phone numbers, emails, addresses, and credit and debit card information.

You and your clients’ sensitive data is valuable and can easily fall into the wrong hands. When this happens, it can be stolen by criminals to use for ransom or commit identity theft. Hackers can also steal it in exchange for financial compensation. To prevent this, protecting information and data should be your top priority.


Why Should I Take Data Privacy Protection Seriously?

Your business can be prone to data breaches. For instance, your customer support database or credit card information can be exposed unprotected on the internet. This can hurt your reputation, make your business untrustworthy, and put the safety of your customers at risk.

To prevent continued breaches like these, make sure to have enhanced efforts to implement a cybersecurity program. A strategic digital threat intelligence like us can help you determine the intent and capabilities of cyber threats and inform you immediately in case your business is under threat.


What Is the Government’s Way of Promoting Data Privacy?

There has been heightened concern over data privacy, and the way businesses collect, store, and use customer data has been examined. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) took effect to protect the citizens’ data privacy and data security and the state data privacy regulations such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) have been signed into law to enhance data privacy protection.


What Must I Do to Protect My Sensitive Information?

Encryption is a crucial part of protecting the sensitive information of your business. This way, you allow only authorised users to view the data and keep it away from cybercriminals who want to steal it.

Aside from using encryption, you should use multi-factor authentication to be able to access your data. This is a good practice for your employees to access their company network and help minimise the risk of identity fraud.

You must also take advantage of the benefits of having a sound cybersecurity program. Make sure to implement good policies and procedures surrounding the use and protection of data to safeguard the information of your company and clients.

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Every bit of personal information your business handles is valuable, which makes it sought-after by cybercriminals. Familiarise yourself with the importance of data privacy and security and the ways you can protect sensitive information. Finally, work with an online cybersecurity agency like ours to protect your brand, reputation, and customers.

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