Many businesses are vulnerable to a wide variety of cybercrimes. Phishing and having user data stolen is one thing that many attackers love to do, and it’s often at the expense of the victims involved. It’s best to remove those vulnerabilities and don on the proper protection to ensure your brand’s safety.


SASE is one of the best solutions that companies are using to phish-proof their brand’s systems and data from any cyberattacks. If you want to learn more about SASE and how it can benefit your brand, continue reading to learn more.


The Definition of SASE


SASE, which stands for Secure Access Service Edge, is a digital solution that aims to update and optimise the security and functionality of a network. With so many businesses working online, it can be difficult to get onto a secure network and ensure that your data is safe.


To prevent leaks or compromises, SASE is used. Its effectiveness against cyber threats is one of the key advantages that it has to offer, though there are several other perks to it. If you want to integrate SASE into your business’s digital operations, don’t hesitate to seek out assistance.


The Integration of SASE


Before 2020, there have already been multiple cases of cyber attacks on the internet, with some even dating back years and years ago. However, the events of 2020 may have fast-tracked the need for SASE as more businesses had to shift from working in a physical office to going digital.


This way of working isn’t new for those who have been outsourced to operate from the comfort of their homes pre-pandemic, but allowing this to become the new norm exposed problems with brand data security and protection on online networks. SASE properly corrects those issues.


The Advantages of SASE


As mentioned earlier, one of the main benefits that SASE provides is that improved security on your networking platforms. Getting your brand data protected can save you plenty of headaches in the future, but those aren’t the only perks that this has to offer. Here are a few more advantages of SASE:


  • SASE provides incredible ease when it comes to integration, but also for what comes after. Accessibility can be scaled up with cloud as privacy is improved in the brand’s network and cyberspace.
  • Placing way too many protocols and putting several employees in charge of integrating security measures and securing the network can be taxing. That alternative was costly on your time and resources, which makes SASE a more desirable solution.
  • SASE is a multi-faceted digital solution with multiple services to cover each part of the company’s network. If you want to cover more departments, especially when expanding the business, SASE coverage would be wise for blanket protection.
  • Having digital awareness and protection through SASE can keep your business more informed and aware of this kind of tech. It could even be used as a selling point for your potential clientele once you’ve fully integrated and grasped it.


SASE can be a genuinely helpful tool, and it’s key to getting a more secure network. As more and more data goes online, it’s paramount that brands implement all the measures to ensure privacy and prevent cybercrimes.


If you’re eyeing to crack down on brand abuse, work with FraudWatch. Our digital brand protection company has provided security solutions to client brands, saving them from phishing, malware, social media and mobile apps impersonation. Get in touch with us today!