The advancement of technology and digitalisation has drastically changed the business landscape over the past few years. While they have improved business processes and operations, other forms of threats have also emerged, affecting some companies that do not have the necessary online security measures in place.


Cyberattacks have become prevalent today more than ever, and when it comes to these, phishing is one of the biggest online security threats. This type of cybersecurity attack involves an email with a link or document sent by online crooks to steal data and information from unsuspecting employees. According to a recent report by Verizon, the average cost of a single data breach in the US in 2019 was $3.92 million, and 32 percent of those were attributed to phishing attacks.


For this reason, you must set anti-phishing measures in place to protect your business at all times, and it all starts with your employees. In this article, we will share our guide to protecting your employees from phishing attacks:


1.Hold cybersecurity orientation and training

When it comes to cybersecurity prevention, proper education is always the key to success. Before you can even install security systems and implement security measures, your employees must first be educated. Be sure to conduct a company-wide orientation and training on cybersecurity, where every employee must undergo them before they will be certified and perform their day-to-day job. While the orientation is for them to acquire cybersecurity knowledge, the training will enable them to earn the required skills and practice security measures each day.


2. Focus on identifying a phishing email

Phishing is one of the biggest concerns in cybersecurity today, as it’s easy for hackers to disguise as a legitimate company to solicit confidential data and information. These details then get used for fraudulent activities that can affect your employees and impact your business.

For this reason, be sure to highlight the subject of phishing in the orientation and training. But most importantly, focus on identifying phishing emails and what actions your employees must take. If it helps, you can also show real-life examples of data breaches caused by phishing and what steps to take.


3. Install trusted antivirus software and update it regularly

Keep in mind that it’s one matter to carve cybersecurity education among your employees, and it’s another to keep their systems and your network secured at all times. When it comes to this, the initial step is to install robust antivirus software on all employee devices. That way, their systems are protected from malicious attacks, whether malware or phishing. Most importantly, be sure that the software and apps are regularly updated so that they won’t easily and quickly get vulnerable to security threats. You can also hire the experts at Fraud Watch International to handle the installation and updating of the systems to ensure that your business remains secure!


4. Hold every employee responsible and accountable

After the orientation and training, setting cybersecurity guidelines is the final vital step. However, getting all your employees to follow these guidelines can be a challenge. The best course of action is to make them responsible and hold them accountable if they fail to comply. Let them understand the gravity of the responsibility because they are the frontline people who are obligated to protect the business, and they are instrumental to its overall success. In return, be sure that these employees are valued at all times so that they’ll be encouraged to do their job better!


At this point, you now know how to protect your employees from phishing attacks. All it takes is to hold cybersecurity orientation and training, focus on identifying a phishing email, install and update trusted antivirus software, and hold every employee responsible and accountable. With all these robust security measures in place, you can combat phishing attacks and keep your data and information always secured!

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