It’s always good, from time to time, to go back to basics. Not everyone is a “computer genius”, but thankfully, our experts at FraudWatch International are! This new blog category will host useful articles explaining different IT expressions or types of cyber-threats that you may encounter while reading about IT security. We will also refer to this category as a glossary, using hyperlinks in our regular blog articles when specific IT security terms are used.

Each article will focus on one specific term, and cover the following two points:

  • “What is it?”
  • “Advice from our experts” or “Our experts explain”

It can be very easy to get lost in all of the technical jargon, and keeping up with the different forms of cyber-threats that are out there can be a real challenge. So we’ve created this new category to help you understand it all and stay at the top of your game!

Stay tuned next week for the first article in our new category: “What is… a man-in-the-middle attack?”