Many businesses are thriving online, but they continue to be at risk of brand abuse, malware attacks, and even phishing. In effect, they receive revenue losses, negative customer reviews, and strained employee morale. This is why businesses like yours should consider investing in brand protection, allowing you to keep your assets in check and avoid dealing with untimely issues you aren’t equipped to handle. Consider the following strategies to integrate into your existing operations:


1. Invest in Intellectual Property compliance and gather compelling evidence against violators

Putting copyright laws to good use is a great brand protection measure because it applies to both online and offline matters. Having trademarks, patents, and other legal protection also lets you take ownership of your brand’s assets, allowing you to have your say about which violates your rights and needs immediate action. It can even be pointed out as a misrepresentation in branding, which can damage your reputation. Thus, you need compensation to replenish those losses.

One recent example of this is what happened between Nike and MSCHF Product Studio over a production line of inappropriate shoes promoted through a popular artist, Lil Nas X.  They had massive online coverage across social media platforms for their controversial footwear. Each shoe pair sold had the iconic logo next to satanic imagery, so Nike simply filed for copyright infringement.

In the case of your business, ensure you have the proper legalities around your brand identified to prevent misuse. This way, you can separate yourself from brand impersonators no matter how prominent your online or offline presence is, allowing you to keep your branding identity intact.


2. Influence supportive customers to report any brand misconduct

Customers nowadays can browse through hundreds of online content daily, meaning they may encounter your brand through various channels, like pay-per-click ads or even memes. There can also be instances where they say they saw your brand posting misleading offers and comments on various social media, leading to a restricted website. It can be difficult to deal with these because some customers may be led to mistrust your brand, but you may have some dedicated ones out there willing to help you.

By influencing customers to report suspicious activity of your brand, it enables you to resolve confusions regarding impersonations and spam content. This way, you can easily flag and block these fraudulent individuals while rewarding your supporters for their help. As a result, you sustain your business’s positive reputation and visibility. Just ensure you post your contact information and fact-check any reports before acting on them.


3.Set up multi-channel monitoring

Whether your brand is thriving quickly or slowly, plenty of hackers and scammers want to get in on that success, especially if you don’t have an established presence on a particular website or online platform. One way you can check if this is currently happening is to search for social media websites that your brand isn’t on yet and see if someone is using your branded content for their own gain.

The problem is you may miss out on the more recent brand impersonations, leading you to check sites every now and then. As an efficient alternative, multi-channel monitoring through cyber threat intelligence tools allows for automated processing and more intensive scanning, allowing you to take immediate action against brand misusers.


Brand protection is an emerging necessity for most businesses nowadays due to the increased Internet-based transactions, remote work setup, and convenience of accessing goods online. Thus, it is your responsibility to ensure you have everything ready to fend off any threats by having the right cybersecurity measures in place. Now that you have some practical knowledge about this, source them right away from trustworthy professionals like us.


FraudWatch International can provide your business with the best online brand protection and other cyber threat intelligence tools to bolster your welfare against hackers and other fraudulent individuals. Through our assistance, you can be assured that you, your staff, and even customers are protected and accounted for to avoid untimely mishaps, like data breaches and ransomware threats. Click here to contact us today!