Although the online world is undeniably powerful, business owners operating their own websites are susceptible to various dangers. One of the most costly and devastating are phishing scams and hijacking. The attackers behind these circumstances essentially steal your domain from you, which can happen at any time.


The business will be flowing perfectly one moment, only to abruptly stop the next—all information is gone, and all sensitive data exploited. Your domain essentially finds its way to another server, whereas your unsuspecting customers continue to flood to a hoax website, which can look exactly like yours. And just like that, you’ve lost your business’s lifeline and of course, your reputation.


Thankfully, there are ways to curb the onslaught of such attacks—a little education is always the first and crucial step:


Why am I susceptible to phishing scams and attacks?

Businesses across cyberspace are susceptible to attacks simply because their domains are weak. Your domain name may be suffering from various deficiencies, but the following items need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

  • Negligence: More often than not, your negligence could be compromising your domain security. It’s best to keep your digital hygiene up to date, which includes investing in various security measures, as well as constant tracking of your activities, suspicious or otherwise.


  • DNS (domain name system) weakness: The DNS is tasked with controlling all websites and settings with your domain name. They essentially connect your customers to the destination server, which is your website. Unfortunately, the journey isn’t always secure—in the wrong hands, it could lead to an unprecedented attack.


  • Domain provider failures: Whenever you register for a domain name, you are entitled to adequate security and reliable services. Anything less can make your website vulnerable, so make sure your registry adheres to the policies of the ICANN’s registry agreement. Anything without that must be a cause for concern.


How can I properly combat these attacks?

Phishing is prevalent in the digital space, and even with security measures in place, you remain as vulnerable as ever—especially since your people are likely involved. You’ll want to continuously educate them regarding these dangers, which should include policy-making, two-factor authentication methods, and of course, skill training regarding the identification of phishing attempts.

More importantly, however, comprehensive security solutions must remain in place—for every server and device involved in your business operations. Prevention is always better than cure!


Enlist the Help of the Best Advanced Threat Intelligence

As previously mentioned, a compromised domain can be devastating. Recovering a stolen one can seem almost impossible, and you’ll also be left with the mess of the blow. Loss earnings will be the least of your worries, especially since your reputation will be left in ruin. It’s a long and expensive process, and most businesses simply give up.


The only way to protect your business is to simply invest in the best. Protecting your domain and servers should be your top priority, so never hesitate to invest in comprehensive security measures and training programs for your employees. In today’s fast-changing world, you’ll want your cybersecurity to remain steadfast.

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