New generation malware can silently infect the end-user, stealing account credentials unnoticed or silently hijacking secure sessions. Criminals are constantly changing their malware techniques. This has rendered a reliance on endpoint protection alone to be futile. Malware now has:

  • A decreasing quantity of signature-based detection
  • An increasing number of Malware families with many emerging variants and generations
  • An increased level of advancement and sophistication
  • Zero day attacks
  • Exploitation of endpoint vulnerabilities, such as blended threats, multiple injection points and vectors

Further to this your customers have changed, now relying on multiple devices outside of the organisation’s control.

Technology also continues to evolve, and with that so do consumers. Consumers around the world now rely on multiple devices which are completely out of an organisations control.

Common behaviour for a Malware attack

Stage 1 – the infection

In order to infiltrate the customer, the criminal will design and deploy their software package to be downloaded by the consumer by wrapping it inside of something that resembles legitimate software for a known or common brand.

Stage 2 – command & control

As the attack evolves or the criminals attempts to evade detection or removal, they make use of centralised command centres to re-route the destination of the information they are harvesting.

Stage 3 – the drop-zone

The net result of this whole activity for the criminal is the successful acquisition of personal or financial details they have harvested during the attack. The drop-zone is the location that all of this data is routed to. There are often multiple drop-zones to avoid detection or mitigate losses from their detection or removal.

The cost of Malware to business

Malware can be extremely destructive to your company brand. Without active monitoring and detection, an effective malware campaign can generate:

  • Large financial losses
  • Negative and harmful publicity against the brand
  • Mistrust of the brand

How does FraudWatch International deal with Malware?

FraudWatch International focuses on removing all components of a malware attack which in turn renders the malware as non-functional.

We proactively monitor using our proprietary tools and take down this content through technical and human interaction with a worldwide network of providers.

Our takedown times are world-class which results in less time that your brand is being exposed to criminal misuse.