Technology continues to advance and develop to cater to the ever-changing digital environment. One of the biggest steps that happened in the digital age is the birth of social media. Social media is a powerful online tool that helps businesses present themselves to the public, gain visibility, and connect with their audience. Because of its convenience, companies are engaging and connecting with their market through it. In line with that, employees are doing the same as well, which can cause a bit of mishap.

Since social media is a practical tool accessible to everyone, the lines between professional and personal life are starting to blur. More mistakes can happen, and a random post can cause immense damage to your business. To avoid this, companies are finding better ways, such as working with cyber intelligence companies, to manage their business’s image online.

There are numerous social media errors that you can prevent. In this article, we’ll be discussing the different steps you should follow to ensure that your business’ profile and employee’s social media accounts are protected from online mistakes.


1. Formulate a social media policy for your company and employees

Building a social media policy is an effective way for your employees to be accountable for their behavior on social media. These policies create awareness for these websites as a legitimate tool for business.

When creating a social media policy, focus on your brand’s vision and voice, social media goals, employees’ roles, legal risks, and privacy regulations.

When you have a comprehensive policy, your employees will understand the gravity of social sharing. This will push them to promote the brand’s message and be more conscious of the content they post online.


2. Approval before posting

Another step to help protect your brand on social media is by creating a process that your team can follow before posting online content. With a little oversight, an employee might post the wrong content, which can inevitably affect your business.

Formulate a straightforward approval process and delegate a go-to person that will handle online content approval. This way, your team will be aligned with the posting schedule, and you’ll decrease the risk of online mistakes.


3. Be aware of your online presence

An important step that you shouldn’t ignore is to check what other people are saying about your company online. This is essential because it will allow you to find room for improvement and foresee possible social media errors.

Finding out what is being said about your company can help prevent online brand abuse and attacks. Fortunately, some companies can help you with cyberattack prevention so that your brand and employees stay protected from vicious online attacks.


4. Have employee advocacy platforms

Although you want to keep your companies and employees safe, it’s still essential to make it easy for your team to share content on social media. Employee advocacy platforms can create a central hub for your brand’s content, and once approved, your employees can easily share them online.

These platforms will help guide your employees with what they should post and when they should share them.

Even if social media is a convenient and easy tool to build a brand, you should still practice caution with posting content online. Its convenience blurs the line between personal and business accounts, which can ultimately put your brand and employees at risk for attacks and fraud. Ensure that you work with cyber intelligence companies to help protect your company and employees from the dark side of social media.

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