There are always scams and phishing attacks carried out by people who like to get an easy score out of their unsuspecting victims. While the recent years have seen a spike in their methods, the year 2022 isn’t one to avoid all of the commotions, causing many to fall prey to them once again. Even if some of these phishing attacks are already present, they are still going to be used by cybercriminals to get a lot of money from their victims. Some of these attacks are pretty interesting, to say the least. Here are some of them:



1. Business Email Compromise


The first one is called Business Email Compromise. This phishing attack is among the most common ones and is known for its use of business emails. The cybercriminals create their emails so that they will look as if they are coming from the business bosses or executives. They then use it to send a copy of the email to the employee and ask them to make some kind of payment.


This is often carried out by the employees who are already aware of the company’s financial situation. With the help of the employees, the cybercriminals will have the means to obtain information on the company’s system, which they will use to gain access to the company’s bank accounts.


2. Business Payroll Compromise


This version of the payroll phishing attack is much more dangerous than the first one. In this case, the cybercriminals will send an email to the business or employee saying that the payment has not been made. They will then ask the employee to send the money through wire transfers or by another means.


They will also create fake bank accounts so that the employee will send the money to the wrong account.


3. Social Media Phishing Attacks


Another interesting attack that is going to be carried out by cybercriminals is the social media phishing attack. In this case, the cybercriminals will create fake profiles on Facebook and Twitter. They will use this as a way to share their links and fake posts on social media as if it is coming from a friend.


This attack is extremely effective as cybercriminals can even create a profile of a person who is well-known and popular on social media.


4. Call Centre Phishing Attacks


This is the most common kind of phishing attack that is often carried out by calling people and asking them to provide their personal information. The call centre phishing attack is usually used to carry out identity fraud. The cybercriminals will pretend to be an authority figure and will ask the victims to provide their personal information or credit card information.


They will then use this information to scam others as well.


5. Social Engineering Attacks


Social engineering attacks are one of the most common attacks that are in use. There are many ways to carry these out, and the best way to protect oneself is to stay alert. This kind of attack is often used by cybercriminals who will pretend to be a trusted individual or a person working for a company. They will then ask the victim to divulge their personal information or send them money.


In order to avoid this, you should stay alert and be cautious of the emails that you receive. You should also avoid sharing any personal information over the phone or via messages the first time around.



These are some of the common phishing attacks being used by cybercriminals as of this year alone. But there is no need to worry; it is possible to avoid them by taking the necessary steps to ensure your security. If you are already a victim of one of these attacks, then you must take extraordinary steps to ensure that your data is safe.


Feel free to take note of our examples above and avoid communicating with the people behind the attacks at all costs.


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