The online world is a blessing in most cases. It has further expanded globalisation, created better connectivity worldwide, and has even bolstered the educational and business systems. With plenty of websites that scatter the internet, the industry is growing and is unlikely ever to stop. Technology continues to advance, and everything is being made faster and more reliable to prepare for the annual technological boom.

Although the entire industry of technology has brought plenty of great things upon the human race, it also comes with its own set of drawbacks. Numerous malicious entities create threats that attack networks and infiltrate devices. Cybercrime is omnipresent in the online sphere, and there are plenty of hackers and viruses that scour the internet for targets. This lingering threat requires digital threat intelligence for businesses to maintain online brand protection as they conduct operations on the world-wide-web.


The Importance of Cybersecurity

Various malicious programs like phishing threats, malware, fraud, and hacking can damage anyone on the individual level. These entities target the personal information of people, business secrets, or databases that can be harmful if accessed by the wrong hands. Consumers have information like credit cards and passwords for emails or other sensitive accounts that can heavily affect their lives or financial status. Businesses, on the other hand, hold plenty of their clients’ sensitive information and their business secrets that make them masters at their trade.

With both individuals and enterprises of all scales being the targets of internet threats, this has made cybersecurity a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone. The existence of mass-threats causes billions of dollars in damages to online properties alone in America, which means that the investment in securing your data is essential.


Preventing These New-Age Threats

The significant growth of the internet in the past few years has required advanced software to shield against malicious entities and assist cyber attack prevention. On the individual level, many technologies have been made available for both desktop and mobile users. Good antivirus software can protect against phishing, and personal accounts have the option to enable additional sign-in steps.

Software like Two-Factor Authentication is one of the best ways to secure critical online accounts like bank accounts and emails. These provide a person’s phone a security number called a “One-Time-PIN” that allows single access provisions to the user when logging in. If a cybercriminal does not immediately know the PIN provided, this highly reduces their chances to log-in.

Businesses can utilise proper cloud-computing technologies to guard their business website and work applications on a virtual private server. As their important data is stored on a secure cloud with round-the-clock protection through heavily-designed software, it is well protected by information security. Cyber intelligence is the most vital thing that a business can train their employees to have to create a secure working environment online.


Small Steps That Help the Fight Against Cybersecurity

To prevent attacks on your personal data, you must take steps on a smaller scale to secure your presence on the internet. One way that prevents many novice hackers from accessing accounts is to change passwords frequently to a semi-difficult but memorable one. This standard procedure works very well, and adding a phone number and a verification code requirement will help even further.

Keeping note of email addresses that look fishy is a great way to avoid ransomware and malware attacks on your computer. An example that many hackers do now is creating a similar email to that of a bank and asking users to click a link to secure their account. The email will often have an extra character or something strange with it, so be sure to check the sender’s email address before clicking any emails that seem fishy.

Lastly, you must make your social media accounts private, as anyone can find plenty of information about a person. Social media accounts like Facebook are among the easiest to hack and conduct malicious activities with, so having only friends and family on them will make it safer overall.



Cybersecurity is a rising concern in 2020, and, going further might even require more technologies and software development to rise against threats. The internet is a double-edged sword, as it provides the greatest of opportunities to people and businesses, but can also take it all away through the actions of evil people. Operating via cyber intelligence can help secure online business operations and the way people live their lives.

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