Every company network needs its own security and digital protection. In an age that is filled with innovations and cloud services, there is also an abundance of people who are willing to make an easy score out of the hard work of others. Despite your employees’ best efforts, your company may suffer losses if a hacker were to gain access to your assets. In such a case, you need to implement many security measures in place so that none of your files and confidential data would be compromised.


The good news is that you will be given a lot of options to choose from when it comes to network security protection. Not only would your venture be protected with one safety measure, but you will also get to acquire multiple protections in place. If you want to know more about their variants, no need to worry. We have listed some of the most notable ones below for your reference.


Just remember that even though company networks aren’t made equal or aren’t structured the same way, the following examples would still be compatible with them all as the basic network features are always somewhat similar.


  • Network Segmentation

This protective measure deals with the segregation of your company’s network from the general network connected to the internet. The most basic way to visualise this would be one of those swimming pools in those luxury resorts. Have you ever noticed that the main swimming pool is separate from the kiddie pool? This is done to protect the toddlers from ever getting to the adult pool, which may be risky for them to swim in since it is too deep for their average height. The same principle applies when it comes to networks.


A program will be activated within your office’s main system. This application will separate your digital network from the internet so that hackers wouldn’t be able to access them remotely.



  • Email Security

This refers to any program or features designed to make your digital paperwork encrypted, well enough for it to be inaccessible to anyone outside the office. The level of security on this protective measure will depend on how the business treats its assets and emails. If they were hacked before, they might want to ramp up the extent of the encryption so that they will never fall victim to any hacking or phishing scams anymore.


Many companies are implementing this nowadays due to the sudden rise of hackers who are hoping to steal confidential information in exchange for money.


  • Internet Firewall

This may probably be one of the most common protective measures amongst internet users, especially those who often use sketchy websites. This feature would usually pop up with a notification, warning you that the site that you’re about to visit is infected with malware, thus, urging you to log out of it immediately.


The same protection can be implemented within the office’s systems. This is somewhat similar to network segmentation, with the slight difference of this working both ways. Network segmentation is all about keeping hackers out, while the internet firewall is all about keeping them out and isolating your workers within the office network to ensure that they will not enter any harmful sites by mistake.


These examples of network security protections are just some of the preventive measures you may apply within your company to ensure that none of your data or assets would be put at risk. Yes, you have the choice to pick just one of them, but with the rise of online scams and hackers in the modern era, you are better off employing more than one.


Invest in network segmentation, email security, and internet firewall so that you will never fall victim to any computer viruses, malware, and business-crippling scams.


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