The current cyber landscape is a bit unsettling. Besides the real-world tension amongst some nations, the United States and Russia are getting in on the act as well; that is why there have been an increasing number of cyberattacks from the latter.


While the U.S. has always been known to reinforce its security measures from time to time, there are still some probable loopholes that may put its cyber conditions at risk. In such a case, it has been bracing further cyberattacks from Russia. The latter has been way too visible in its cyberattacks on the U.S., and that’s a sign that it may get worse in the long run.


The U.S. is also wary of the Russian stance on internet sovereignty. In a nutshell, this deals with the freedom of the internet and its openness to all. With Russia’s rising number of cyberattacks, the U.S. is concerned about its future.



The Role of Cyberattacks in Russian Politics

There is no doubt that cyberattacks have played a pivotal role in the recent Russian political landscape. Many cyberattacks from Russia were directed towards the U.S., and while there are claims of it doing so to retaliate, it may just be a way of ensuring that its politics will go as it plans it to go.


Some have also said that cyberattacks have been used to cover up the bad ones. For example, the U.S. and Russia have been in a tug-of-war regarding their foreign policies. The former has been more liberal lately, while the latter has been more conservative.


Russia has been more liberal as well, although there are some instances that its government had been involved in some cyberattacks, one of which was the cyberattacks on Estonia in 2007. There have also been the alleged cyberattacks of 2016 on the U.S. elections where Russia was involved.


A former NSA official had this to say about these cyberattacks.


“If the Russian shenanigans had not occurred, the White House would’ve been criticised for calling a meeting so early in the election cycle.


Without the attacks, there would’ve been a lot of outsiders wondering why the White House and the (National Security Agency) were holding a meeting on election security in September instead of June.”




What Can U.S. Companies Do to Prepare Against These Cyberattacks?

Companies in the U.S. can definitely do something to prevent further cyberattacks from Russia. Some of the key things to do are:

  • Reinforce the security of their systems.
  • Keep their software up-to-date.
  • Use authentic security software.
  • Perform regular security and vulnerability checks.
  • Train their personnel in cyber-awareness.
  • Get a security partner to take care of their security needs.



For How Long Will These Cyberattacks Go For?

It’s hard to predict how long the cyberattacks will extend. However, with the rising number of cyberattacks from Russia, the U.S. is more than ready to deal with any occurrences.



While many of the cyberattacks from Russia may appear to be minimal, they can pose a significant threat to any nation; that’s why the U.S. is definitely preparing for the worse.

With the various precautions set in place, it is no surprise that every American industry is now armed to the teeth, waiting for the next cyberattack; the next strike is bound to make headlines.


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