When your business has been the target of a cyber-attack, you want the illegal content to be removed from the web as quickly as possible.  FraudWatch International is up to the task.  We provide the fastest site takedown times in the industry for phishing, malware, social media, mobile apps, and brand abuse.  This means that we can minimize the impact online abuse has on your business.

How can FraudWatch International offer such fast takedown times? 

FraudWatch International has been in business for 15 years, and we have a depth of experience. In that time we have taken down tens of thousands of phishing, malware, social media, mobile apps and brand abuse sites, mostly because of our well-drilled security operators. Our team knows how to negotiate with hosts, empathize with hacked site owners, cut through bureaucracy in platform and host abuse policies, build relationships with all kinds of third parties to support our endeavors. The malicious content is ultimately removed by another human speaking to them, interacting with them and having a positive relationship with them, which is crucial to good times. Of course, having a well-refined, well-drilled process and good quality systems make our life easier, but the net gains in times come from humans doing their job well.

Most other providers will either use some kind of rudimentary light-touch email system to send notifications to affected parties (and usually not all of them) and the follow up is again usually system-driven. At some point when the client expresses their frustration, someone will get on the phone and throw out the “hail mary” phone calls to anyone in the hope that they’ll help.

Our staff are based in a location that often mimics or exceeds the regulatory and compliance environments of most of our customers and coupled with our well-versed work practices we provide a valuable augmentation to the security or brand management teams within client organizations.

How fast is a fast takedown?

Our rapid response times are made possible by having established relationships with key industry suppliers. This allows us to offer the industry’s fastest takedown service. In the Social Media/Mobile App space, our close connections with social media platforms enables us to provide takedown services that are second to none. We will ensure that any unauthorized mobile apps are removed from app stores upon confirmation and request from our client.

Our fast takedown times are backed by  strong SLA’s.  FraudWatch International are willing to guarantee our performance and financially back our response times. Our 4 hour average takedown for Phishing is the best in the business.

Our median takedown time for 2018 is a lightning-fast 1 hour 42 minutes!

You can’t get better than that anywhere.  When utilizing our services, half of the phishing attacks that an organization is hit with, are taken down in less than 2 hours.  We are industry leaders with an average 12 hour takedown time for Malware, and we are unique in offering SLAs for our median takedown of Social Media/Mobile Apps.

What are the benefits of a fast takedown?

A fast takedown time reduces the impact on your brand’s reputation. It also means the risk of your customers or employees falling victim to cyber-attacks is minimized quickly.

Our teams and systems at FraudWatch International provide active monitoring twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for malware attacks, as well as global and localized social media sites. We will alert you as soon as criminal activity is detected and confirmed.

Enhancing Your Business and Services

FraudWatch International has made it easy for businesses to report phishing sites to us, allowing for quick resolutions.  We have recently partnered with threat intelligence provider, Recorded Future, who will be utilizing our takedown services to enhance their brand monitoring offering.  The customers of Recorded Future can now report and request the removal of malicious or fraudulent content, or domains abusing their company’s brand.  They report the abuse directly to FraudWatch International  and our experts will process the takedown requests.

“Comprehensive threat intelligence must include brand protection that addresses both reputational concerns for organizations and online abuse risks for customers of those organizations. Threat intelligence starts with detection and drives to security actions. Partnerships with companies like [FraudWatch International] are critical to delivering risk reduction for our customers.” — Matt Kodama, Vice President of Product at Recorded Future.

Whether your business is being targeted by cyber criminals with phishing, malware, fake social media pages or malicious mobile apps, FraudWatch International can act fast to protect your brand from any of these types of attacks and handle them in record time.  Contact us to find out more about enhancing your business offerings.