Fake mobile apps are an increasingly frustrating problem for many businesses. These apps may seem harmless until they gather your important data and direct them towards cybercriminals who are hoping to get an easy score. Such occurrences are growing more common, with many unsuspecting victims losing their money in the process.

Suppose you are the owner of your own venture. Chances are, you might have implemented some precautionary measures to keep your assets and employees safe from hackers and phishers. Offices normally keep antivirus software and firewalls on their computers, but such is only applicable within a corporate setting. You may need to implement more to protect your business from fake mobile apps.

The following tips may help you do just that. Coordinate them with your employees so you can all practice them inside and outside the office.


  • Check the Reviews about the App

Fake apps do not usually escape the ire of their victims. Online stores containing these apps even have a moderating system that bans them once they are flagged as scams. Of course, some are more subtle than others, so they may still get through the cracks. Check the other user reviews and take a peek at their download counts and scores. If they happen to be at the bottom of the list, avoid downloading them and give your employees a heads up as well.

  • Install Mobile Antiviruses as Well

Do not limit the firewall within your office computers only; you can also apply them to your smartphones. There are countless mobile antiviruses in the market today. Some are free, while others require a monthly subscription; nonetheless, they would all give you a fighting chance against information phishing.

The thing about fake mobile apps harboring ransomware is that they spread towards other equipment connected within the same network. So if a single smartphone were to be infected with the virus, it can affect the office computers as well, putting your company assets at risk.


  • Limit the Usage of Smartphones in the Office

One main cause of ransomware infecting your office computers is that the user was both careless and complacent. It’s one thing to take a moment of relaxation and rest when the going gets rough, but spending more than a few hours playing with potentially hazardous apps is another story overall.

Orient your employees about office safety and application risks and inform them about the importance of being careful with the information they allow others to access. Fake mobile apps usually ask for many personal questions, often overstepping the boundaries of data gathering and data phishing.

Protecting your business against fake mobile apps doesn’t have to be hard. Knowing the different indicators is the key to a safer work environment and wiser smartphone usage. Orient your employees properly, install all the necessary antivirus software, and mitigate phone use at work to ensure that your company does not suffer ransomware attacks.

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