Every year, the entirety of enterprise security incident response changes. New cybersecurity threats come onto the scene, based on new coding, new technologies, and new regulatory vulnerabilities that companies aren’t aware of yet. It’s a constantly shifting, evolving industry, which is why no organization should ever be complacent in their current security incident response plans and infrastructure.

It’s critical to do an in-depth review of your security incident response processes and determine how they can be upgraded or improved to keep your company prepared to handle online attacks and digital fraud incidents as efficiently and effectively as possible. One excellent way to do this is to review the past year and see what security threats and new defensive techniques or tools have been trending and should be integrated into your new plans.

In 2018, here are three major security trends you should pay attention to:

Acceleration of Automation Adoption

When organizations lack comprehensive security coverage, it’s often because they rely on manual labor to handle much of the core responsibilities in their security incident monitoring and response. However, with the sheer scope of security threats and vectors these days, it isn’t viable any longer for most companies to achieve optimal protection without including a large measure of automation. As companies look for ways to increase efficiency while minimizing costs of their security systems and response procedures, automation tools and technology will receive ready adoption across all organizational levels, allowing managers to maintain more of a high-level view of the situation rather than being lost in the thick of the data. Of course, automation doesn’t negate the need for employees to be involved in your security methods, but it can simply be one way to reduce the stressful workload and reserve resources for incidents that need more hands-on oversight.

Proactive/Constant Incident Response

In the past, companies have tended to have a narrower view of how to respond to security incidents on the enterprise level—handling normal operations until an attack or other security incident requires the team’s attention, handling it as best as they can, and then trying to return to “business as usual.” This is less tenable, and one-off, reactive response scenarios are going away, now that organizations realize how much effort they need to keep security measures active on all fronts. It’s much easier to maintain oversight of their security methods and handle incidents as they happen rather than have to gather all the data and resources to protect their data and brand reputation only after the fact. This is leading to an increase in ongoing training simulations and the constant review of security incident playbooks in the light of recent attacks.

Ransomware Targeting IoT

Ransomware hacking attacks have already become the bane of countless companies in practically every industry around the world. Having an entire network encrypted and held prisoner until the company pays tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars or more to the hackers is a severe, life-threatening incident that are a security operator’s worst nightmare. To make matters even more grave, these attacks are moving beyond basic databases. As the Internet of Things expands and absorbs even the most mundane items around us, from fridges to self-driving cars to smart coffee makers, ransomware criminals are gaining an infinite array of targets to choose from. This includes healthcare devices, engineering tools, and other essential resources some companies simply cannot function without.

As you move into 2019, with an eye back on 2018 to adapt your security incident response plans, FraudWatch International wants to help you grow and remain confident that you have the best tools at your disposal. Year after year, FraudWatch International remains the forerunner of enterprise digital security, and we are forever on the prowl for trending threats and emergent technologies that could either assault your organization or be employed to provide a more thorough, more powerful security incident response system.

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