Cyber security is a huge issue that many people still take for granted, despite the growing need for more and more people using the internet. For individual persons, it’s critical because personal data must be protected.


On the other hand, it’s also crucial for businesses because customer data must be protected. If a third party gains access to data that should be confidential, then the company would be liable.


Regardless of how big or small a business is, it will benefit from having cyber security measures in place. In Australia, threats of cybercrime are slowly rising. In the first six months of 2020, it was found that ransomware payments doubled.


There are active cyber security protocols in place, but cybercriminals are constantly finding ways to bypass them, which means these ransomware payments might increase.


In this article, we’ll be discussing the cyber security of Australia. Read on below to learn more.


The Scott Morrison Cyber Attack

In June 2020, Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government suffered a cyber attack. Interestingly, the attack was a state-sponsored act. This means that the attack wasn’t just on the prime minister but on the government and its sectors as a whole, such as healthcare, education, and many others.


Since the attack was state-sponsored and targeted government sectors, the reasons they did it are unclear. Would it be to find data to use as leverage in the future? Is it merely keeping tabs on Australia? We may never know.


Whatever the case, the attack simply means that even the highest organisations can fall victim to cyber-attacks, which is why cyber security must be prioritised.

Rising Vulnerabilities

The simple reason why cyber security measures must be implemented is that Australian businesses have money to steal. Since the country has a healthy economy that uses only the latest technology, it will always be at risk.


The threats have risen even more during the COVID-19 pandemic since most companies switched to remote working. The added fear and anxiety towards the coronavirus heightened attacks even more since cybercriminals used it to their advantage.


Smaller businesses, on the other hand, can only apply cyber security to a lesser degree. Because of this, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are put at risk. Unlike big businesses that employ extensive cyber security measures, they can only do so much, and it still won’t be enough to keep them safe.


What the Government Is Doing about It

The Australian government has stated that it will invest $1.67 billion in cyber security over the next ten years, according to its 2020 cyber security strategy. The strategy details advice for everyone, be it individuals, big and small businesses, and government sectors.


The details are as follows:

For the Government

  • Resource improvement for cyber security
  • Assist organisations in implementing cyber security measures and practices
  • Sharing of cyber threat information
  • Increased protection in government systems and information
  • Monitoring cybercrime and the dark web
  • Safeguarding digital infrastructure


For Businesses

  • Advise businesses on proper cyber security measures
  • Deliver secure products and services to customers
  • Hire professionals trained in cyber security
  • Enhance protection for critical services
  • Monitor and stop attempts at malware hacks


For the General Public

  • Guide individuals on proper cyber security
  • Ensure that cyber-attacks are reported
  • Know where and how to find cyber support


Each sector has a significant role to play. The government will make sure that businesses are protected. In line with this, companies must also protect customer data and their services. For individuals, the best thing to do is to stay vigilant to cyber attacks.



Cyber security is a serious threat because it can steal data, be it personal or otherwise. No one wants private data leaked in the open, so we should be proactive in using cyber security measures. The more secure our data is, the more we will feel safe using our computers.


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