Businesses work tooth and nail to establish a brand identity, one that would set them apart from a saturated landscape. It captures the different personalities of companies, giving them unique attributes that would carry their name for the long haul.


That’s also one of the primary reasons businesses protect their intellectual property, but being in a hyper-digital age, the number of ways to breach this right is escalating too. This creates the need for brand protection, which generally safeguards your intellectual property against copyright pirates, infringers, and other forms of brand abuse.


What Is Brand Abuse?


As a business owner, it helps to understand the potential threat your company can face moving forward. Speaking of which, brand abuse is one of the rising menaces today as it comes in multiple forms:


  • Counterfeiting – this refers to a type of abuse where a counterfeit product copies the authentic brand, using the original’s branding to deceive customers;
  • Rogue websites – this describes cyberattacks that use made-up sites for malicious content, varying from cybersquatters, typosquatters, and imitation sites;
  • Copyright piracy – this happens when a fake brand infringes on your copyright by using your authentic creations to legitimise their counterfeit products online;
  • Trademark squatting – this occurs when a trademark is registered in a state, region, or country that don’t recognise the original brand’s trademark yet;
  • Patent theft – this refers to stolen inventions that should have otherwise been entitled to patent protection;
  • Social media impersonation – just like rogue websites, this refers to fake social media accounts copying the original brands.


What Can Brand Protection Services Do for Your Business?


As mentioned above, there are a growing number of ways your brand can be abused, and all these attacks on your brand can hurt your bottom line in multiple ways, from compromising your reputation to losing revenue.


By employing brand protection solutions from professional cybersecurity agencies like FraudWatch International, you can protect your business with the following services:


  • Detection – brand protection providers strive to spot infringements online, be it a counterfeit listing, a fake social media profile, and more;
  • Validation – beyond spotting different forms of infringement, brand protection services also ensure all infringement cases are true and avoid punishing authentic brands;
  • Enforcement – once infringements are found, the next step in brand protection is to remove traces of them online — from taking down imitation accounts from social media to taking down counterfeit listings.
  • Reporting – brand protection providers should send reports that provide actionable solutions to better improve the brand’s cybersecurity down the line.


The Wrap: How Brand Abuse and IP Infringements Send a Tidal Wave of Negative Effects to Your Bottom Line


If you want to secure your network and software against potential scammers, thieves, and other forms of cybercrime, we can protect your business from the damaging effects of online piracy and counterfeiting.


Ourbrandprotection offers advanced threat intelligence that can simplify your cyber analysis in more ways than one – from cyberattack prevention, anti-piracy solutions, and more. Get in touch with us today and see how we can guarantee your virtual safety.