Do you have a creative concept for a new business? No matter how fresh your company is, it is critical to guarantee that your distinctive business trademark is well-protected. Cybercriminals don’t limit themselves to huge corporations; your small business may also be targeted online. As brand protection specialists, we understand how critical it is to safeguard your brand from imposters by applying for a company trademark.


Why Should You Register Your Trademark?

No matter how early in your brand journey, it is good to register your business trademark since it protects your original idea. Without this safeguard, fraudsters are more likely to get away with stealing your original idea(s) for profit that you will never see.

With a company trademark, you have a lot better chance of bringing down anyone infringing on your brand or imitating your items online. Developing a solid intellectual property portfolio early on will assist you, especially if you wish to expand your firm. Scammers and infringers may steal sales and destroy your brand’s reputation, which is especially harmful to a young firm, so defend it from the start.


Am I Required to Register My Business Name for Trademark?

Many people assume that they can register a business trademark at any time, but that’s not always the case. You have the option to file a trademark application from the start of your business, or you can wait until your business has grown and file a trademark registration for a current or established product or service. In either case, it’s essential to protect your brand by registering a business trademark.



What Protections Does a Trademark Provide?

A trademark helps protect businesses, products, and services against infringement, copycat businesses, and scam artists.

A business trademark provides the following benefits:

  • Lawful protection from copycat businesses
  • Assistance from online scammers
  • Tools for trademarking an innovative idea
  • The ability to protect against trademark infringement
  • Defence against bad business branding

As you can see, it’s crucial to protect your business from copycats and scam artists from the start. Your business trademark will help you do that.


When Should I Trademark My Business?

New businesses often have a lot of innovative ideas. The question then becomes, when should you trademark your business?

Trademarking a business is a great idea, no matter how early you are in your business journey. Protecting your unique brand and innovative ideas is in your best interest. Start your trademark application early and register a business trademark to protect your brand.

The earlier you file a trademark application, the better. It’s essential to protect your brand as soon as possible, and it’s a great idea to start while your business is new.


Is It Okay to Put TM on My Logo?

One of the most popular questions we hear is whether it’s okay to put a TM on your logo. The answer is yes. It’s common for businesses to add the TM symbol after their brand name. In fact, it’s one way to show the world that you’re serious about brand protection.

To add the TM to your logo, simply use the same font and colour as the rest of your business name. This tells the world that you’re confident in the protections that your business trademark provides.



Every business needs the protection that a trademark provides. No matter how early your business is in its branding journey, you should be ready to guard your brand at all costs.

By registering a business trademark, you’re able to protect your brand in the long term. The costs are low, and the price of trademark registration is well worth the reward of protection against scam artists.

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