Traditionally, cybersecurity practices referred to a series of precautionary measures intended to deter or deflect incoming attackers from compromising your system or having access to your confidential information. However, with our way of life becoming more dependent on the internet, new forms of cyberthreats have emerged.

Nowadays, cybersecurity encompasses strategies that actively seek potential vulnerabilities and acting on them before it does any damage to your company and brand. It also concerns itself with online reputation, as it recognises how traditional law enforcement has its lapses in catching and taking down fraudulent activities on the internet.

Essential Cybersecurity Services

If you’re a small business yet to make waves online, you might think that you’re less of a target. Unfortunately, this cannot be farther from the truth! Hackers specifically target relatively new businesses knowing that they are less likely to have robust cybersecurity practices and programs in place.

Moreover, because most small businesses usually have no cyber threat intelligence programs, the attacks are not detected until it’s too late. If you have any form of internet presence that you’re trying to monetise, you will need some form of cybersecurity to keep your business, brand, and clients safe from harm!

Here are four essential cybersecurity services that you should consider for your online business operations:

1. Phishing Attack Prevention

A phishing attack occurs when an attacker impersonates your organisation in hopes of duping unsuspecting clients into giving their confidential information. Phishing attacks are widespread in eCommerce and online banking platforms where sensitive data, such as login credentials, bank records, and credit card information, are targeted.

 Anti-phishing activities involve taking down websites that harvest personal and financial details of your clients. This is possible through proactive monitoring for phishing activity and taking them down via cooperative action with other legitimate service providers.

 2. Anti-Malware 

Malware is a catch-all term for software designed to be downloaded by unsuspecting users. Usually disguised as a harmless and purportedly useful program, the malware’s real intention is to invade your system to harvest personal information. The stolen information can then be used to leak potentially harmful publicity and incur large financial losses.

Anti-malware solutions usually focus on beefing up your security measures to prevent malware from being downloaded and activated. Multiple security measures, such as download scanning and advanced detection, can neutralise the malware before it can cause damage.

3. Social Media Security Services and Threat Monitoring

Over the years, social media platforms have become indispensable tools for brands to engage their customers and generate buzz organically. However, the free nature of social media can and has been weaponised, often used by outside forces to wreak all sorts of havoc on your customers.

Like phishing, many social media security threats come in the form of impersonating your brand to dupe users into giving up personal information. Once the information has been harvested, it can then be used for other forms of cybercrime.

Social media security providers concentrate on proactively monitoring for these threats and taking them down in cooperation with the social media platform.

4. Cybersecurity Awareness Training

With remote working becoming the norm during the pandemic, your employees need to relearn cybersecurity practices that will keep your organisation’s confidential information from the hands of attackers. Your employees must be trained to recognise potential cyber threats and know when somebody is trying to use them as gateways to your company network.

Cybersecurity threats, such as phishing, ransomware, and malware, have plagued the world since the internet was born. However, with more companies shifting to remote work, and businesses shifting to eCommerce platforms, the number of potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited has substantially increased!

Whether you’re a recognised brand that has been operating online for many years or a small business owner just getting started on building an eCommerce platform, you will benefit from the services of a cybersecurity services provider.

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