Digital security and privacy is a growing concern for any business and institution, mainly since technology is progressing too fast for security measures to adapt to. This is why numerous parties are against utilising younger technology in favor of faster connectivity and data transfer capabilities. These systems need to receive proper testing and balancing to ensure that they aren’t vulnerable to external cyber threats. Thankfully, Digital Risk Protection (DRP) solutions are becoming a priority to alleviate these concerns.


What is Digital Risk Protection (DRP)?

DRP is an operational security measure that’s under Threat Intelligence (TI) technologies. It combines detection and intelligence software to mitigate attacks from external digital spaces. Traditional TI solutions generally use collected data to defend internal resources for future threats. In contrast, DRP focuses on immediately preventing risks to corporate assets to avoid any compromised data. This makes it an effective first line of defense to monitor your systems.

Other functional uses of DRP besides data protection is the detection of lookalike domains and monitoring for potential data leaks. It’s an effective solution for multi-million and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) investing in their digital presence.


What does DRP contribute to my business?

DRP uses cutting-edge, automated collection technologies to allow expert human analysis to mitigate potential threats to your business operations. It maintains your company’s resiliency by lessening its digital vulnerabilities.

Although DRP is an active solution against external threats on its own, you should also use TI to reinforce your data protection and threat projection capabilities. TI uses investigative processes to determine the impact of potential threats by planning and assessing your operation’s internal structure.

Some of TI’s tasks include incident response planning and the development of security ratings to rank threats. The curation of this data allows you to understand if your systems are ready to combat digital attacks and highlights your preparedness to handle them. Although it may be a grueling task to maintain an operational TI, it’s an excellent solution to mitigating digital threats in real-time with the help of DRP.


Do I need to have DRP for my business?

Many business owners commit the mistake of undermining digital security threats. Even though technology allows your brand to reach greater heights, that doesn’t mean that it’s not at risk of bringing your business down as well. This is why you should be wary about the looming presence of cyber attacks that can compromise your business’s growth.

Cyber threats like ransomware to phishing scams continue to evolve, which is why your security measures should also offer innovative and self-learning solutions. DRP and TI work hand-in-hand as both an active and passive measure to give you the ease of mind of staying safe against digital attacks. DRP is flexible enough to offer you the necessary protection you need, regardless of your operation’s size and scope.


Reinforcing your business’s security capabilities should be your priority as a business owner since the world is moving towards a faster and more dangerous digital age. Nowadays, most interactions, from communicating with your loved ones to purchasing a product, occur through digital platforms. Although network connectivity opens opportunities for many aspiring entrepreneurs, it’s also littered with malicious individuals that can infiltrate and compromise your valuable data. This is why you should invest in strong cybersecurity, whether you’re running a small business or keeping your employer’s company files safe.

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