The online world is all fun and opportunities until people with bad intentions use it to their advantage. In the past years, data breaches and malicious attacks have continued to grow. In fact, the record rose eight percent from 2018 to 2019. In 2020, millions of cyber-attacks were once again recorded. The worst thing about these threats and malicious acts is how they can happen to any business online, regardless of its size and reach.


Protecting your company security and keeping your employees familiar and up to date with the current threat intelligence and attack methods are essential business aspects that you should not disregard, and here is why:


1.It is the best pair to cybersecurity technologies

Making an effort to implement cybersecurity technologies in your organisation is a great start. Still, complete online protection will only work if your employees use the software and acknowledge the system’s security warnings.

Keeping active anti-malware tools or firewalls will not make sense if the people who are supposed to use them do not know how to do so or if they simply do not understand what they are for.


2. It brings a safer online environment for the company

Understanding the threats and their consequences will help your employees rethink their actions. The training process is somehow a method of turning your employees into active company defenders against online security threats.


3. It provides confident and more engaged employees

Since your employees will already be equipped with knowledge and skills, they can confidently perform their jobs. There will be no more hesitation or doubts when dealing with unknown information. Doing so will also give the management more peace of mind when it comes to internal security practices!


4. It can prevent potential breaches

Added security means fewer chances for the organisation to face security breaches or hacker attacks. That could eliminate downtimes to the whole system, which means the work and service continues.


5. It helps earn customer’s trust

A company with no possible threat and a well-trained team can give your clients confidence, especially in the service industry. They will be more at ease with providing you their personal information as they know that your company has a strong program against online security threats.


Topics to Discuss During Employee Training

There are many topics you can discuss during the information security and intelligence training, but here are the most important ones:

  • Kinds of Cyberthreats: Introduce the types of cyber threats they may encounter, as well as where and how these occur. They should learn about the old methods and the recent developments that cybercriminals use for complete awareness.
  • How to Identify a Threat: Learning about the threats and knowing how to spot one are two different skills. Teach them how to recognise these various threats on their own.
  • How to Make a Secure Password: Teach techniques on how to create strong passwords.
  • How to Safely Use Online Tools: Teach the guidelines they should follow when using their email, surfing the internet, and social media accounts.


Awareness and education are the number one protection against cyber threats. Holding security awareness training for your employees equips them with the knowledge they need to resist and oppose these threats. It is an investment that will help protect your company and reduce potential risks that could potentially hurt your organisation. Consider holding one for your company today!

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