Digital brand protection in the modern age involves issues that are directly related to both digital transformation and Cloud-based migration. While most of us believe we are transitioning to faster, high-performance environments, we are actually exposing our cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

These vulnerabilities become more obvious when we change over to more advanced platforms. We are too busy focusing on these changes and forget that hackers are waiting in the wings to exploit these vulnerabilities.


Prioritising Dynamic Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity for bigger companies remains a second priority despite heightened risk and more security breaches. They usually view incidents as isolated cases, but hacker attacks, malware, and data breaches have become more common, hitting companies and businesses of all sises. Cyber threat intelligence is essential in the Cloud and digital transformation phases, but most companies don’t treat this issue as a real priority.

It becomes a reactive job to remedy cyberattack effects rather than being proactive by using advanced and dynamic cybersecurity systems. Advanced software can address cybersecurity issues at the endpoint level before they even reach the network gates. Such methods can stop data breaches are brand abuse before they start.


Forgetting to Secure Cloud-Based Migration

Cloud migration and cloud-based services cloud advance our online operations for the brand but may ultimately open us up to data breaches. In the transition, we may forget to address the security concerns that come with transferring to a new system.

It’s the compromise between the lure of faster and more efficient cloud-based platforms versus the lack of new security in these cloud networks and services. Hackers have anticipated the switch to the cloud, especially with more online activity from businesses and brands. Cybercriminals are now more eager to break in and steal from sites with inadequate cybersecurity protection.

Lack of Security in the Cloud

Any snooping hacker can work on an exploit or hack through the cloud and get to your important digital assets, including serverless cloud-based services.

Microservices also makes data breaches possible. Cloud migration is new, and it can upgrade you to better and more advanced online operations, but you have to use the same dynamic and proactive approach to brand security.

Just as AI and automation can be used for online activities, hackers now use automated bots that analyse data protection in site and content until they can finally break in.


Small Businesses at Risk

Small to medium enterprises are under the greater risk for cyberattacks, especially since many of these companies have neither the infrastructure nor the budget for advanced security measures. As such, businesses of this size are more likely to be the targets of cybercriminals, whether due to ransomware or digital brand abuse.


Securing Advanced Systems

With even more brands going online and upscaling their online presence, attention must go to advanced cybersecurity. While cloud-based services can make operations smoother, faster, and more convenient, we might forget to protect our digital network and assets, and most importantly, our brand, which is among the central targets of hackers.

We at FraudWatch are here to provide smart defence and proactive brand protection. Protect your brand, online networks, and sites, and gain peace of mind from using dynamic, proactive digital brand protection.