Maintaining a business in today’s digitally-driven world is more complicated than ever. Security is crucial for future success, and it is primarily a matter of being aware of the dangers that lie ahead because organisations face cybersecurity threats left and right.


From small-scale firms getting their feet wet in industries to multinational corporations with thousands of employees, the risks posed by cybercriminals are far from negligible. With cybersecurity attacks costing businesses across America billions of dollars every year, it’s impossible not to be worried as a company owner that’s going digital.


At this point, it’s clear that your organisation must do all that it can to secure and protect its sensitive information and critical data. Cybersecurity risks must be mitigated at every point in the business process. Various approaches can successfully counteract the cybersecurity risks that lie ahead, and you may not know where you should start.


Well, here’s one suggestion that will undoubtedly pay dividends in mitigated risks and money saved when done right: cybersecurity training.


The Value of Cybersecurity Training

 When it comes to keeping a business protected from cybersecurity risks, business owners overlook the fact that proper training on the human end is vital.

Most attacks in today’s ever-changing and evolving threat landscape tend to carry out in full effect due to human error. Unfortunately, far too many companies fail to realise that most of their risks end up happening simply because their employees aren’t well-equipped to minimise the risk of human error.

 Although it may not seem like much, having even just a single employee fail to be mindful of the ways they can be negligent is more than enough for hackers to capitalise on a business’s vulnerabilities. One phishing email or isolated attack can quickly snowball into a full system compromise that can result in the loss of thousands or millions of dollars.

What the Statistics Say

 According to a survey of 1,200 U.S. employees to gauge their awareness and knowledge of cybersecurity risks conducted by TalentMLZ, the current state of employee competency in US companies is eye-opening. Here’s what the resource above discovered after conducting a quiz on topics spanning from password strength to suspicious emails:

  1. 69 percent of the respondents received cybersecurity training from their current employers, but less than one percent of all respondents answered all quiz questions correctly.
  2. 77 percent of employees reported that their company had an established cybersecurity policy, but 19 percent were unfamiliar with the policy.
  3. 26 percent of employees shared that they wrote their passwords on a piece of paper.

In these times wherein the COVID-19 pandemic has forced most businesses to shift their operations online, these survey results are eye-opening. They show just how vulnerable firms are, regardless of size and industry. Fortunately, cybersecurity training is a dependable solution guaranteed to yield valuable returns and guarantees of risk mitigation.


How Cybersecurity Training Helps

 If your organisation has employees that use any type of digital technology, it means that your company is vulnerable to the implications of negligence.

The lack of cybersecurity training for employees increases the risk of breaches associated with human error. Even basic training sessions can be a concrete solution worth investing in because it helps future-proof your company and keep it safe from threats.


Cybersecurity attacks can be incredibly damaging to any type of business. Fortunately, you can mitigate these risks with the help of a proper employee training program. A world-class cybersecurity training program is going to make a world of difference in your efforts to mitigate cyber threats!

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