PayPal – =?UTF-8?B?MTg0LjEwNS4xODIuMTQ2LGFidXNlQGp1bmtlbWFpbGZpbHRlci5jb20sMTIzNDU2?

Date Issued2019-08-04

Fraud Alert #242976

Target CompanyPayPal

From Address******************* <********>

Subject Line=?UTF-8?B?MTg0LjEwNS4xODIuMTQ2LGFidXNlQGp1bmtlbWFpbGZpbHRlci5jb20sMTIzNDU2?

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Email Methods

  • Deceptive Subject Line
  • Forged Senders Address
  • Genuine Looking Content
  • Disguised Hyperlinks

Web Site Methods

  • Genuine Looking Content
  • Form – Collection of Information
  • Incorrect URL, not disguised

An Example of the Phishing Email is below:

An Example of the Phishing Email