Here’s a little message that business owners should start becoming more familiar with: the age of the Internet leaves many firms and industries alike to the dangers of the digital world.


Compared to the past where prank calls and employee theft were the only things businesses needed to worry about, today’s digital landscape leaves many businesses prone to the ulterior motives of cybercriminals. As more and more firms move their operations to a more digital means, potentially-compromised security sometimes comes as a price for innovation.


In the case of phishing attacks, it is critical to understand that the stakes are much higher because of the risks involved due to the prevalence of such schemes. In fact, for any small business in this fast-paced world of digital innovation and constant development, the risks of losing millions to phishing are high. Also, cybercriminals don’t hold back on attacking any point they can capitalise on, and this includes your company, regardless of how small or “niche” it is.


What do you do when faced with phishing attacks?

With phishing attacks on the rise this year because of simplified mass mailing systems and convenient communication forms, your business is at risk of experiencing such an episode more than ever.

Regardless of the technique being used, whether it is a revolutionary or old-hat methodology, it pays to ensure that you’re covered on all ends so that everything remains as secure as possible. Although it may seem like a tall order at first, keeping everything phish-free for your systems, your customers, and your staff is a simple process if you have the right strategy in mind. This is where building and implementing an anti-phishing plan comes into the picture.


Build your anti-phishing plan with these key points of integration in mind

When it comes to having an anti-phishing plan that remains effective and never fails even as methodologies become more advanced or intricate, there are two key details that you’ll need to look into:

  1. Your level of protection
  2. Your employees’ levels of protection

By getting these two key parts right and integrating all the necessary practices, it will be far easier to ensure that you never experience a phishing attack again. If you want to build your plan and keep everything airtight, it’s best to brush up on the basics of the two parts mentioned above:


1. Your level of protection

As a small business owner, it is critical that you help uphold the protection of your company from phishing attacks by undergoing the necessary training and investing in all the right measures. Besides teaching yourself and becoming more proactive in the fight against phishing, enlisting the services of Fraud Watch International for online security and training will also help you uphold the necessary measures!


2. Your employees’ levels of protection

Much like yourself, your employees are also potential points of entry that phishers can use to penetrate your security because they have direct access to sensitive information and data. Thankfully, preparing your employees with top-quality training from Fraud Watch International’s experts will help them stay well-aware of the threats they need to fight or avoid online so that your business remains safe!


In today’s digitally-driven age of business, where threats to one’s safety are ever-present and the need for constant protection is prominent, it pays to ensure that the anti-phishing plans you have in place are up-to-par. Through this guide’s help, you can easily stay on your toes and help curb the risks of a cyberattack by fighting the threat of phishing with competent measures!

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