FraudWatch International has recently launched a low cost business protection model called Site Takedown, which protects Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) against online abuse.

For as little as $2,000 USD per year, Site Takedown provides professional and competitive priced monitoring services for SMEs and enterprise that need protection from phishing, website/brand impersonation, fake mobile applications and fake/unauthorised social media profiles.

Site Takedown products are available in a variety of packages, from $2,000 – $5,000 per annum.

Trent Youl, Founder and CEO of FraudWatch International, says that it is vital for businesses to be aware of cyber-security in the modern day world.

“Criminals are not just targeting financial institutions anymore resulting in even the smallest businesses being at risk. This service is relevant for any brand online, as criminals are always looking for new ways to exploit organisations. This can be through platforms such as social media and fake mobile applications,” says Mr Youl.

Site Takedown’s basic package, ‘Site Ranger’, costs $2,000 USD per year and includes phishing protection as well as brand abuse monitoring and one takedown.

At $5,000 USD per year, the highest priced package, Site Marshall, will ensure source code protection, domain name monitoring, phishing protection, brand abuse monitoring, social media impersonation protection and three takedowns if necessary.

Customers can upgrade their Site Takedown package at any time, depending on their needs, or even move across to FraudWatch International’s fully managed service.

Site Takedown Packages


Because cyber-attacks are fast paced and money driven, a lot of smaller organisations are not set up to manage this and often don’t have the budgets in place to have a fully managed service. Currently, they may only have a small threat level, so paying for constant monitoring might not be financially viable.

The Self Service model adopted by the Site Takedown product, allows organisations that are in the low risk or small budget category, to still have the protection they need.

Mr Youl states that if a small business does not already have a plan in place, an attack online could potentially cost up to $50,000 USD per attack, requiring considerable time and high-level resources to devise a solution. In addition, businesses will suffer from brand erosion, reputational damage, a negative impact on sales and profitability and long-term, brands could suffer from a level of consumer trust.

“It is vital that all small businesses with an online presence have a plan in place in order to prevent short, mid and long-term damages to the brand. Site Takedown provides a low cost plan to deal with these potential online attacks”.

FraudWatch International works with hosting providers, site contacts, internet authorities, browser manufacturers and law enforcement agencies to ensure threats are shut down as quickly, with as little damage to the business, as possible.


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