Phishing is the act of sending fake emails with links to fake websites, impersonating an organization.

FraudWatch provides proactive detection, mitigation activities and fast takedown of phishing sites targeting your brand with the best SLA’s in the Industry. 100% Takedown success. Our human analysts on our SOC spearhead the phishing site takedown process and never give up until the site is down.


Digital Brand Abuse can take many forms, from brand impersonation, lookalike domain registration, false affiliation claims or trademark infringement.

FraudWatch evaluates potential digital brand abuse or impersonation, determines the potential of a takedown or removal, and proceed with the removal on consultation with clients.


Criminals are setting up fake mobile apps or altering legitimate apps to gain access to account credentials, take-over mobile devices or facilitate browser hijacking.

FraudWatch scans App Stores and other download locations for fake mobile apps impersonating your brand, or legitimate apps that have been modified with malicious intentions. We provide analysis of the apps to determine threat level to assist with the prioritisation of take down.


Social Media Impersonation are fake profiles on Social Media that are impersonating your brand, or the names of your executives. These profiles can be used for social engineering, display fake affiliations, scam your customers, impact share prices, or distribute fake news.

FraudWatch performs scanning of Social Media platforms for impersonation profiles and performs takedown of the profiles on your behalf.


Banking Trojan Malware silently infects end users on both mobile and desktop devices stealing account credentials unnoticed or silently hacking secure sessions. This malware is highly targeted.

FraudWatch provides analysis and unpacking of malware in the wild to detect and takedown crimeware developed to specifically target your organization and your customers.


DMARC is an email validation system designed to protect email domains from being used by hackers for spoofing (impersonating) your domain to send email.

FraudWatch provides DMARC configuration, monitoring and reporting which integrates for takedown of offending mail servers and identified phishing URL’s by our Human Analysts in our 24×7 Security Operations Centre (SOC).


Our enhanced deep and dark web monitoring service is an automated tool that collects data from various sources of interest, where threat actors are known to exchange information and communicate. In today’s ever-evolving cyber threat landscape, large organisations are regularly targeted.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“We had a long list of requirements to meet our standards; a solution with proactive detection, great take down capacity, an experienced market leader with anti-phishing products, adjustment as requested in the RFP to meet our implementation deployment timeframes, pre and post implementation support, and knowledge of our architecture.

After a lot of research, we found FraudWatch and carried out a study of possible solutions. During the tender process we discovered they technically met the necessary requirements we needed, and along with their presentation content and quality of proposal, we were happy to proceed.

FraudWatch is very efficient in take down tasks, and their solution allow us to identify and understand attacks. It is imperative to act quickly in the event of a phishing attack and imperative we have this level of service for our business. FraudWatch more than meets these requirements.

Javier Tepedino

Cyber Security officer Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) S.A.U.

During our decade of working with FraudWatch, we’ve seen a significant reduction in incidents, which means criminals are targeting Optus customers less, and confidence in our brand increases.

Regulatory and Public Affairs, Optus

Vice President

We trust FraudWatch to monitor for external threats targeting Air New Zealand’s brands and to act swiftly on these.

Senior Information Security Analyst

Air New Zealand

FraudWatch has been a long time partner of Bank One and has been a vital vendor for us, helping to identify and take down phishing websites before our customers receive them.

Head Of Information Security

Bank One, Mauritius

FraudWatch has been excellent in proactively identifying threats targeting the Teachers Mutual Bank Limited divisions over the years and we appreciate all of their support and efforts.

Head of Cyber Protection

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited

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