Financial Services

The Financial Services industry is one of the main industries targeted by cybercrime. Phishing campaigns and banking trojan malware continue to focus on banks, credit unions, retirement funds, insurance, and crypto currency, attempting to harvest login credentials, or hijack browser sessions.

FraudWatch have a 100% success rate, when it comes to removing fraudulent content from the Internet, and we deliver this with the fastest takedown times in the business, backed by financial binding SLA’s.


Governments providing eServices in areas such as tax services, fines and penalties, covid testing and vaccination communication, health advice, emergency services are all common targets of impersonation by cybercriminals

FraudWatch protects a range of organisations in the public sector around the world from these threats.


The Healthcare industry has fast become a target for cybercriminals with the implementation of online services, digital health records and mobile apps. Credential Theft through phishing and malware are typical attack methods used, whilst fake mobile apps and social media impersonation are serious threats to the healthcare industry.

FraudWatch provides healthcare organisations a full protection suite, including world-leading takedown times.

Media, Sport & Entertainment

Media companies and celebrities are targeted by cybercriminals with fake news, credential theft from phishing and brand abuse, false affiliation and content scraping. Impersonation of media companies and individual personalities continue to be an increasing issue.

FraudWatch provides industry-leading takedown times and that significantly reduce the amount of time a brand is exposed to criminal impersonation.


As many retail businesses have moved online, cybercriminals have moved to increase their impersonation of the retail business with credential theft from phishing, fake competitions, false affiliation and impersonation, counterfeit products, fake mobile apps and general abuse of the online brand.

FraudWatch protects many retail businesses around the world to detect and take down these threats to clients.


The technology industry often see’s issues with online impersonation and fake mobile apps. Phishing and spear phishing for credential theft, with a view to target intellectual property or critical infrastructure are very common targets for technology companies.

FraudWatch works with many well-known IT companies, popular apps and other technologies to protect their brand from impersonation and abuse.


Airlines and other public and private transport, freight and delivery service businesses are top targets for online brand abuse and impersonation, phishing, and malware scams.

FraudWatch protects many clients in the transport industry around the world from brand impersonation and abuse.

Telecommunications and Utilities

Telecommunications, Energy retailers and other Utility businesses are heavy targets of cybercriminals using phishing, fake apps and general brand impersonation targeting their customers.

FraudWatch protects many clients within this industry around the world, providing premium threat detection and site take down services with the best takedown times in the industry.

Why FraudWatch International

FraudWatch International is proud to be a global leader in Online Brand Protection and cybersecurity. We have offices in Australia, San Francisco, Dubai and London, and a team of multilingual security experts, who are working 24x7x365 to monitor for suspicious online activity that is targeting our clients around the world.

We have removed tens of thousands of phishing, malware, social media, mobile apps, and brand abuse threats and we maintain the fastest takedown times in the industry, with a high success rate and financially-binding Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

We will also carry out mitigation activities, whilst an online attack is live, to minimise the reach and effectiveness of any cyber threat.

What Our Clients Say About Us

“We had a long list of requirements to meet our standards; a solution with proactive detection, great take down capacity, an experienced market leader with anti-phishing products, adjustment as requested in the RFP to meet our implementation deployment timeframes, pre and post implementation support, and knowledge of our architecture.

After a lot of research, we found FraudWatch and carried out a study of possible solutions. During the tender process we discovered they technically met the necessary requirements we needed, and along with their presentation content and quality of proposal, we were happy to proceed.

FraudWatch is very efficient in take down tasks, and their solution allow us to identify and understand attacks. It is imperative to act quickly in the event of a phishing attack and imperative we have this level of service for our business. FraudWatch more than meets these requirements.

Javier Tepedino

Cyber Security officer Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Argentina) S.A.U.

We trust FraudWatch to monitor for external threats targeting Air New Zealand’s brands and to act swiftly on these.

Senior Information Security Analyst

Air New Zealand

FraudWatch has been a long time partner of Bank One and has been a vital vendor for us, helping to identify and take down phishing websites before our customers receive them.

Head Of Information Security

Bank One, Mauritius

FraudWatch has been excellent in proactively identifying threats targeting the Teachers Mutual Bank Limited divisions over the years and we appreciate all of their support and efforts.

Head of Cyber Protection

Teachers Mutual Bank Limited

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